Gab, Currently XI


Finishing the mermaid piece left me on a high so I though I’d jump right into a Sailor Senshi series I’d been planning for a very long time. Unfortunately, I fucked it up when I started painting, so it’s off to the scrap pile. I did, however, manage to snap a photo of the lineart before I ruined it. IMG_3633

I’m still in mourning, but oh well, that’s life for ya.



I caved and started playing Pokemon Go, although it’s been slow going because working from home doesn’t really get me out of the house. The last time I played Pokemon was in 1999!

Unreliable data has lost me far too many pokemon. /Shakes fist at Philippine Telcos.

Cosplay Prep!

My Carol costume is 99% ready. Meaning it’s basically ready, but I will no doubt find something new to tweak right up til it’s time to leave for the con.


Bought the cloth in January, got back in touch with my usual tailor, made too many 8-point stars, but I’m pretty much ready. I can allow myself to be excited for comic con.

But paints and WIPs excite me

Finally got out of that funk I’ve been in for the past year and am painting again, yay! In an effort to update more often, here’s what I’ve been up to the past couple of days.

Got off to a rocky start because just as I’d finished the lineart, I realised that I had forgotten to stretch my paper. I hadn’t used watercolour in years, you see, and it completely slipped my mind. Pallon suggested stretching a new sheet and using carbon paper to re-do it but I didn’t have the heart for it. This was already a re-do as the original was on regular sketchpad paper and I don’t think I have it in me to draw this fucking mermaid a third fucking time.

Skelly love. ❤

I did a really wet test on some scrap and found that it didn’t warp too much once it dried, so instead of risking stretching the paper with the lineart, I decided to start painting.

Watercolour’s scary, and it’s scarier when you’re out of practice. You make a mistake with acrylic, you just cover it up with more paint. Watercolour’s a touch move haha!


Anyway, my day job beckons. Looking forward to finishing this over the weekend.

Group Exhibit + WIP

Today, for the first time in ages (year? years?), I spent hours (5, to be exact) doing nothing but painting. It feels good to be creating something for myself again, although my joints and muscles seem to be punishing me for it.

Also because this piece is part of an upcoming group exhibit and the deadline is this week.

Anyway, yay, work in progress!

I’m part of SinagDreams on Canvas fundraising exhibit. If you’re in the area on May 24, drop by! 😀 Details in the poster below. Click to embiggen:


WIP: In The Quiet Sea

The deadline for a November group exhibit is this week. I started this painting the day before yesterday and just barely finished it at 7am this morning. Power napped for a couple of hours, showered, and dropped it off  at the gallery by 1pm so I could be in the office by 2pm. ぎりぎり!

I was just so tired and sleep deprived, I forgot to take a photo of the finished piece before leaving the house.

Times like these I wish I’d taken some painting units in college because whenever I work on a piece I just feel like

I used four layers of an acrylic wash on the octopus, because I wanted the texture of the wood to show through the paint. I know it’s not how you’re supposed to use acrylic paint and it’s probably the type of thing that would make my professors shake their heads, but I’m rather proud of how the octopus turned out.

I want a pet octopus. But I also want someone who’ll come clean and maintain a salt water tank for me. Wahahaha!

work-in-progress: Daphne

I haven’t coloured manually in a really long time, and it’s been even longer than that since I used dry medium.

So for the fear of me making a mess out of it once I start colouring and inking it in, I thought I’d post a little work-in-progress: 05-10-09_2337



Graphite on Chipboard.

This was actually supposed to be just a practice run — that’s why I used chipboard — but I liked how it turned out so much, and I ‘ll never be able to re-do it nicely on better paper so I’m running with it.