What I Didn’t Know About Wonder Woman

…and the Amazons. Because this entry really is more about them, than it is about Wondy haha.

I got a copy of The Original Encyclopedia of Comic Book Heroes: Volume Two, featuring Wonder Woman on sale last weekend. From Php 959 to just Php 99, hell yeah. Much love to Cielo, who found it in the discount pile for me. ❤

I always assumed that the Amazons’ patron goddess was Athena. It was only fitting, after all, her being goddess of war and wisdom. Or Hera, queen of the gods, since they swear by her.

But it’s neither.

Which brings me to the biggest revelation I’ve gotten from this book: it’s actually Aphrodite.


The story goes, Earth was ruled by two gods: Ares, who wants men to rule with the sword; and Aphrodite, who thinks women shall conquer men with love. Ares’ swordsmen slew and plundered their weaker brothers and women were sold as slaves.

To retaliate, Aphrodite created, with her own hands, a race of super women– the Amazons, who were stronger than men. She then gave her own magical girdle to Hyppolita, the Amazon queen, and the condition that as long as she wears it, the Amazons shall be unconquerable.

The Amazons defeat Ares’ armies, Ares finds a champion in Hercules and Hercules is defeated in battle.(You can tell, I’m having difficulty summarizing.)

Pride wounded, Hercules finds another way to get at the Amazons. He seduces Hyppolita and steals the magic girdle. Without it, the Amazons are defeated and taken prisoner.

In desperation, they cry out for Aphrodite,who releases them on the condition that they always wear their wristbands as a reminder of what it is to submit to men’s domination.

They then defeat Hercules and sail to Themyscira where they establish a paradise where no man where enter.

I don’t know if DC has rebooted the Amazon’s origin since this (the encyclopedia was first published in 1976), but I’m kind of a mythology buff and I totally just ate this version up.

I still haven’t read the whole thing thoroughly because the encyclopedia’s  a little too text-heavy for recreational reading, but I do want to get my hands on the Batman and Superman editions too.

Superman Batman: Apocalypse

I’m sorry but am I the only one bothered by  the outlined upper lips on Supes and Bats?  Anyone?

Finally, an animated movie that I’ve read the comics it was based on haha! Apocalypse is based on “The Super Girl from Krypton” arc in the Superman Batman series by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner. Although this was pretty faithful to the source material,  it didn’t exactly blow me away. But then again, the whole Superman Batman series doesn’t blow me away to begin with, I just read it for the homoeroticism.

Moving on.

I mostly watched this because Kevin Conroy was reprising his role as Batman but the best parts for me were the bits that had either Wonder Woman and/or Big Barda in it.  Barda’s a pretty recent favourite and I really need to read more stuff with her in it so any excuse to watch her is awesome.

Whoever choreographed the fight scenes must be a big wrestling fan — which I am not —  but there was this one epic scene with Wonder Woman and Lashina’s whip thing. (Sounds kinky)

Moving on.

I thought the Clark-Kara shopping montage was wa-ay too long and it was very, very cheesy. The final battle between Darkseid, Supes and Kara also took much time.

I wish they’d shorten those scenes and lengthened the scenes on Themyscira. Because I love me some Amazons.

Overall, I thought it was okay. Nothing spectacular, but worth watching.

Note: This entry was published late because I was too lazy make the screencaps earlier. Screencaps, that I just realised don’t have either Batman, Superman or Supergirl in them haha!

The Brave & The Bold #33

This made me cry. ; A ;

I don’t really follow The Brave and The Bold, but I saw excerpts of  this issue floating around comic blogs and got insanely curious. I love it when caped females get together and I was expecting it to be a little like Gotham City Sirens, only with good guys.

It starts off with Zatanna waking up from a disturbing dream, which leads her to drag Diana and Barbara on a girls’ night out. And there’s nothing quite like these three women in a club. I especially loved Zatanna going all jedi mind tricks on the club bouncer. Then Wonder Woman starts talking about the Delphi oracle and the place in Greek history oracles in general have and suddenly the story turns somber and you know where this all going.

This was awesome, but I cried which sucks because I’m at the office and I have to pretend that I’m working and not taking a break reading comics.

DC Animated Movie Week

Okay, I lie. I didn’t actually watch all of these this past week, but I couldn’t think of a title.


1. Wonder Woman

The reason I wasn’t so into Wonder Woman as a kid was because of the incredibly cheesy Linda Carter TV series. I only started to like the character when I started watching Justice League and borrowing my cousin’s JLA graphic novels.

This re-hashed Wonder Woman origin movie is epic. Great dialogue and story, the animation and action scenes were fluid.  AND it’s produced by Bruce Timm, who I love, love, love for his work on Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League.

It’s also got a pretty heavy voice cast with Keri Russell as Diana, Alfred Molina  as Ares, Rosario Dawson as Artemis, and Marg Helgenberger as Hera.

And yes, the incredible, invisible flying jet’s in there too.

superman-batman-public-enemies-bluray2. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
I haven’t read the comic books yet so I can’t make a comparison, but I enjoyed it. Of course, that could just be the Batman fangirl in me talking.

Not too fond of the art but maybe that’s because I prefer Bruce Timm’s pin-up-art-deco style.

There’s a lot of Bats-Supes bromance in here. A lot. Like, bordering-on-lovers-bromance. But Power Girl’s in it, so rejoice! Her ample boobage makes up for the bromance, if you’re not into that sort of thing.

Watch out for the, “You killed my best friend” line. It killed me. Hahahaha.


Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

3. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Bruce Wayne + Ice-blue eyes = not working for me.

Alfred, as always, was awesome.

Wasn’t bad, nothing spectacular either.

The animation was a bit messy.

For the love of all that is holy, will someone explain to me how Batwoman’s mask works because I spent half the movie being bothered by it.





Batman: The Brave and the Bold — Mayhem of the Music Meister


The Brave and the Bold’s always full of lulz, but lulz set to music? YES PLZ!

Neil Patrick Harris stars as guest villain, the Music Meister, who has the power to control people by bursting into song.

I repeat: Neil Patrick Harris as singing and dancing villain. So much win in less than 30 minutes of cartoon.

I Fail At Life

I started colouring Daphne in last night, and boy, what a fail in epic proportions that was. I’m glad I took photos of it as a pencil sketch because I realise now that it will look best just as line art. I need to pick up a good eraser that isn’t the kneaded kind and some new pens after work to remedy the catastrophe that was last night.

I’m really bummed out and I’m crossing my fingers, toes and eyes that I can still save the drawing.

In other not-so-bummed-out news, I still can’t decide which makes me more school-girl giddy: Continue reading I Fail At Life