I’ve always been ashamed of the fact that despite my love for them, I’ve never been able to go out and actually look for new, awesome comics. The comics I read are usually recommendations from friends, which usually means that they’ve already been concluded and compiled into convenient little trade paperbacks and can be read at one’s own pace.

Now, a friend recently sent me a link to FreakAngels — it’s a free online comic by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield and it’s still (wait for it) ongoing.  FreakAngels has now officially popped my waiting-not-so-patiently-for-the-next-issue cherry and it’s driving me nuts haha. Especially since each episode is just about 6 pages long.

FreakAngelsclick to view larger image.

Post-apocalyptic, steampunk goodness with sibling-like love-hate relationships and telepathic-telekinetic-psychic mumbo-jumbo that’ll put Jean Grey to shame. Another win for Mister Ellis, and much love to Mister Duffield because I adore his art.


I had just recently found out that Warren Ellis wrote the script for a PG-13 G.I Joe mini-series. It was first premiered online, then on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim last April. Altogether, it’s about an hour long and is broken down into 5-minute episodes, save for the finale, which is 10 minutes long.

It’s not aired outside the United States (boo!), but thank God for Youtube:

Grey de Lisle –who I love. Best voice actress ever– is also in the credits, voicing Scarlett, Cover Girl, Dial Tone and Baroness.

Now, the last G.I Joe episode I’ve watched was over 10 years ago and like all the other little girls, I loved Scarlett. (Just like all the boys were into Snake Eyes). But after seeing G.I Joe again, Ive decided to switch teams.

I ♥ Baroness, with her hot, smexy Russian accent. Pls to give me hot, smexy, voluptuous body so I can cosplay her. kthxbai.