Young Justice

I don’t think I was alone in slightly recoiling in horror when it was revealed that the Robin and Kid Flash in Young Justice were going to be Dick Grayson (former Robin, former Nightwing & currently one of of two Batmans) and Wally West (former Kid Flash, currently one of two Flash-es), but like most things I’m initially skeptic of, I was wrong and this arrangement actually worked. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Young Justice is the latest DC animated series for Cartoon Network focusing on the teenage counterparts of Justice League members. The pilot opens with Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy and Aqualad finally gaining access to the Justice League headquarters as step one in their eventual initiation into the league. When the headquarters turns out to just be a glorified façade for a teleporter to the actual League HQ, Speedy goes all John Hughes angst and quits. In an effort to prove their worth, the remaining three decide to take on a Justice League mission without their mentors’ knowledge.

The pilot centers on Superboy’s origin, as well as a short appearance by Miss Martian. As of Episode 3, Artemis has yet to make an appearance.

This had me sold in the first 10 minutes of the pilot. Of course, there have only been three episodes aired but I am hooked. I understand now why the producers opted for Dick and Wally over their successors. They’ve both got a really great sense of humor that works well in a series like this.

The writing and the animation are top notch and this is the best scene ever:


Character design is okay. I’m not particularly fond of it, but I’m a Timmverse fangirl, don’t listen to me. I do like the way Robin’s costume was redesigned, with his computer in his gloves and shit.

With the exception of Superboy channeling Christian Bale in the Dark Knight, the voice acting is pretty good. Although, once you realise Jesse McCartney is voicing Robin, it kind of ruins the moment. At least he voice acts better than he sings.

So far the only thing I really dislike about it is how Miss Martian keeps going, “He-llo, Megan!” It’s really annoying and makes her look like a complete ditz. I’m hoping Artemis will balance out the annoying once she joins the team.

With all the fuckery that’s going on in the Batman universe right now, (Bruce dead, Bruce alive. I still haven’t gotten over Final crisis) Young Justice is refreshing. I am sufficiently whelmed.