Sorsogon Weekend

Last month, Chelli and I made the spontaneous decision to go down to Sorsogon and be guinea pigs/beta testers for Just Wandering Tours. In hindsight, we should have thought the trip through better because with over 12-hours spent on the bus per way, it only left us less with than 2 whole days in theContinue reading “Sorsogon Weekend”

You Say Good-bye, I say Hanoi

I was on the fence when my mother asked me to be her travel buddy to Hanoi. I really didn’t know that much about Vietnam, so I thought it would happen sometime maybe in the next year or two. Then my travel plans for mid-2014 fell through (that’s twice now that my plans to visitContinue reading “You Say Good-bye, I say Hanoi”

Seam Reap 2013 – The Basics

Scratched one more off the bucket list! The family and I took a little holiday last week and really, four days in Seam Reap isn’t enough. I now understand why my friends keep coming back. I never got around to really blog about my Nepal trip two years ago, and I’m determined to it properlyContinue reading “Seam Reap 2013 – The Basics”

Back from Singapore, lah!

The company I work for was having a trade booth at a conference in Singapore, and since I’m both a company and industry no0b, they decided to send me there for a couple of days. Anticipating the work, the conference, the meetings, and my terrible, terrible sense of direction I didn’t expect to be sight-seeingContinue reading “Back from Singapore, lah!”