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I’ve had this entry in my drafts for four weeks, so it’s about time I publish it, yes? Kept putting it off because current events in the Philippines have been well bad for the past month or so and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to talk about it or not. Sunday triggered a pretty bad episode for me so in the words of Miranda Hart, let’s say no more of and on with the show.

Manners Maketh (Wo)Men:

Went to NexCon3 a few weekends ago. Mostly because it was an excuse to meet up with my #TitasofCosplay squad, who I don’t really get to see often anymore. We did an all-girl Kingsman group, because this is what happens when you get semi-retired cosplayers who have no time to make proper costumes at a con together: they refuse to go in civvies. Hahaha!

Kings(wo)men: Gazelle, Roxy, Eggsy, Harry, Merlin
Titas of Cosplay


I am officially all caught up with Doctor Who! Well, sort of. I did skip the majority of Eleventh’s last series because 1) Eleventh really got on my nerves, and 2) It jumped the shark. I hope the writing gets better when Series 10 airs next year, because I quite like Twelfth even if his episodes are hit and miss.

I still think I’d make a terrible companion on account of all the cardio it entails.

I said I was going to start on season two of Daredevil once I was done with DW, but instead I’ve been binging on Travel Man, which brings together two things I love: Travel and Richard Ayoade (who is not a thing, but a person).

It has ruined all other travel shows for me. As far as I’m concerned, if it doesn’t have deadpan, snarky commentary and hosts that are only mildly enjoying themselves some of the time, I’m not interested. Of course, my favourite episode is the one with Noel Fielding because Ayoade with Fielding is best.


cup(source: marikodraws)

This month marks my first cycle on a cup and it’s awesome! Not gonna lie, I had a pretty awkward and uncomfortable first day, but it’s been smooth sailing after that. I totally understand Julie’s enthusiasm in trying to convert me to a cup years ago, because now I want to go up to anyone with ovaries and tell them to switch.

I thought about doing a separate entry on it, but Noelle has a pretty comprehensive blog about it here, if you wanna learn more about switching to a menstrual cup.