R2D2 + 2

We were at Greenhills earlier and I adopted a couple more Artoos. They’re both previously owned, but I couldn’t resist.

New R2D2 # 1:

I thought it was kind of weird and cute that he was all squashed and hobbit-looking, but when you press the button on his back, he squirts water! I was looking to see if it had a Lucasfilm copyright on it, instead I found a Burger King Logo. I just spent 100php on something that came free with a fast food kids’ meal, but awesome Artoo water gun is awesome.

New R2D2 # 2:

I wasn’t sure at first if I was going to buy it because it was yellowing with age and 250php. Then I noticed there was a hinge on either end. It took Derrick, me and the saleslady 15 minutes to figure out how it opened, but it was all worth it because… Continue reading “R2D2 + 2”

Artoo Deetoo

We were at Toy Kingdom earlier and I bought myself a new R2-D2 keychain. I now have a total of three. (Artoo’s, not keychains)

If I had the money, this would be my next buy:

It’s 15 inches tall, voice activated, has an infrared sensor so it’s fully mobile and able to either track or avoid obstacles. It also swivels, dances, lights up, plays Star Wars sound effects & has the occasional mood swing which you can coax him out of with a voice command.

How awesome is that.

The price, on the other hand, isn’t so awesome. You can get it online at Hammacher Schlemmer for 120USD or at that place in Megamall next to the Zippo store for 10,000PHP.