Titaura — Manna from Heaven

Some of my best friends growing up spent the Christmas holidays  here in Manila  and they brought something we have been craving for ever since we got back from Nepal ten-something years ago — TITAURA.

(via yadavop)

Mostly made from dried Lapsi, the Nepali Hog Plum, various other  fruit, chili and spices, Titaura is usually sold in the Nepali equivalent of sari-sari stores.  It’s got a pretty bad rep. We were all discouraged by parents and teachers  from buying it because it’s supposed to be  un-hygienically made, so of course we’d  buy from the store next to our house everyday after school.

The brother and I are trying to make our one bag of titaura last, but it’s very difficult (for me especially) to stop eating once I’ve started. Salty, sweet sour, spicy goodness, mmmm.