A newly discovered shoe fetish

I always thought I’d escaped the female sterotype of being obsessed with either or both shoes and bags. Today, I brought home what I just realised were my 4th pair of shoes in the past 2 months.

I had been looking for Oxford/Blücher-type dress shoes for a really long time and I found this gorgeous pair about a month ago at a thrift store for  580php. I had just bought my Batman sneakers a few days prior, so I thought I’d come back for them next time.

I  got them for 100php today.

One. Hundred. Pesos.

A month ago =  580php. Today = 100php.

They’re a little scuffed in the heels and nicked around the toes, but ONE HUNDRED PESOS!

Okay, I’m done squeeing now. Will go back to disinfecting and cleaning my new shoes. Hee ~♥