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Going to Singapore tomorrow for Singapore Toy, Game, & Comic Con (and other things)! Friends have been nagging me to join them every year and I never do and every year I regret it. So fucking finally!

I usually pride myself on being a light packer, but bringing a costume on a trip is testing me. The costume itself is fine, but the shoes, and the wig, and the make-up.

God, the make-up.

I’ve never brought this much make-up and acoutrements on a trip before. I’ve tried three backpacks of varying sizes and one soft luggage and none of them fit my stuff, cosplay shit + space for shopping.

I’m pretty excited to go back to Singapore, especially as a tourist! It’ll be nice to see more of the city aside from office and trade show booth I basically lived in the last time I was there.


I was whinging about how much I miss FreakAngels, so Noelle suggested I check out, “They’re Not Like Us.”

Yung eksenang first page pa lang, ang sakit na. </3

Really liking it so far. It’s about a group of young’uns with various telekinetic powers. Not quite X-men, but a little like non-apocalyptic FreakAngels.

Wow, that is an amazing sypnosis. how do u words



I missed training for two months; I kept getting sick in July, and was cramming paintings all August and just didn’t have the energy. It really should be no surprise that I’ve gained four pounds, especially when I can feel my stomach rolls when I’m slouched on a chair or feel the beginnings of a double chin when I look down.

Allow me a moment of vanity when I say this concerns me because I’m about to cosplay at an overseas con and feel a tad insecure. Hahahahaha!

Not only have I gained four pounds of fat, I have also lost muscle strength and what little endurance I’ve managed to gain. I didn’t get to finish my weights routine, had to sit out my last two rounds of mitt work, and basically faked my way through the circuit drills.

Dear Universe, please don’t let me miss training for this long again. My metabolism can’t handle it anymore.