The Last Unicorn Comic

I had been putting off reading the comic adaptation of The Last Unicorn for a while now. While I love this story to bits, I had already read the book and watched the animated movie countless times and really didn’t feel the need to read its latest incarnation.

I picked it up on a whim a couple of weeks ago and of course, the art just has to be absolutely stunning.

Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon still manage to keep it in the same neighbourhood as the animated movie, but improve on it greatly. It’s also reminiscent of Charles Vess’s work (on Stardust, particularly), which I adore.

My only issue is with the pacing. Not that it isn’t paced well, though. This was slated to be a 6-part series, I’m on the 4th issue and they’re only at the part where Amalthea and Schmendrick  meet up with Captain Cully and his men in the forest. That’s still a lot of plot to cover in two more issues and I’m hoping they don’t rush the last few issues

I thought this was going to follow the pacing of the movie, which I felt left too much out but Peter B. Gillis does a great job of adapting the book for the comic without losing anything.

So if you’ve watched the movie and want to read the book but can’t find a copy or can’t be arsed to read books without pictures…

If it's the latter, Belle is judging you!

… then the comic is a great way to get into Peter S. Beagle’s original work.

They will stare unbelieving at the last unicorn

I first watched, “The Last Unicorn” when I was around somewhere between 5-7  years old. I remember it was so beautiful and sad, it had me bawling all night.


I watched it again recently and somehow, the magic wasn’t there anymore. I found the songs annoying, Amalthea’s voice grating,  and the story telling incredibly jerky and full of plot holes.

There’s nothing sadder than discovering something you found so enchanting as a kid lose its magic. There really isn’t.


The brother came home one day with a really ratty, borrowed copy of the book the movie was based on by Peter S. Beagle. I’m only about half-way through, but it’s already restored my faith in it.

All the things that I thought were unexplained or missing from the movie is in the book. Amalthea is also less annoying. (Thank God!)catThe Pirate Cat, who I love, love, loved in the animated movie, unfortunately isn’t very pirate-y in the book. And although the film’s dialogue is almost word-for-word from the book, the cat is much, much more endearing with the peg leg, the eye patch, and the occasional, “Arr”.