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Sick and Tired and Tanned:

I think it’s going to be a 30’s thing that I’m sick on my birthday every year. As we speak, I’m still physically weak and have a hacking cough because I overexerted myself surfing two weekends ago.

📷: Vien Gil

It’s pretty frustrating whenever I start to make real progress on my board, I get swamped for months and when I finally get back in the water, it’s back to square one. Planning to spend about a week at Crystal later this year so my board and I can get a proper honeymoon. 😛

6am bikini wax haha! 👙🏄🏽


If we’re friends on Instagram, you’ve noticed I’ve started drawing again, yay! Still pencil/tech pen stuff until I’ve replenished my art supplies.


Pretty relieved that I can draw again. Was so unmotivated and uninspired for the longest time, I thought I’d never get back on the saddle.


Without irony, I really like this song. It makes me wanna throw on a pair of booty shorts and flip my hair as I, ahem, work from home oh, oh, oh-oh.



Having inherited my mother’s love for historical fiction, I’m a sucker for a good costume drama. Which is what Outlander is, but I can’t quite decide if I like it or not.

The problem is, it’s part historical fiction, part bodice-ripping-Fabio-on-the-cover-cheap-romance-novel.

Love the former, hate the latter. I’m stuck halfway through season two because I can’t bring myself to plough through the bits I don’t like to get to the good parts: Like what looks to be the Battle of Culloden based on the tumblr gif sets.

Murtagh is my favourite, though. Such a grumpy tsundere nanny-man.


Shootin’ & Surfin’ August

I haven’t gone boxing since the year started, mostly because I had gotten bored of it and the trainers at the gym we used to go to seemed equally bored, so I was itching for something new to do. Thank goodness for equally antsy friends haha!

Julie invited me to tag along with her and her friends to an archery range last week. I’ve tried archery once before in gradeschool but it wasn’t exactly a good experience. I couldn’t position my inner elbow properly and ended up with a really bad friction burn on my bow arm. So to redeem myself, I went to shoot some arrows at the Gandiva Archery Range.

I still can’t position my elbow right, so I was surprised when one of the senior instructors came up to me and asked if I’d done this before because it showed.  Nakanaman! While most of my arrows went all over the place, I did manage to get in a couple of almost bull’s eyes.

My first almost bull’s eye!
With Garri, Mek, Julie, Eiya and Mike! Photos from Eiya.

I hadn’t quite recovered from the muscle pain in my bow arm when I found myself in Patrick’s car a few days later, on the way to to a resort in Zambales where he’d surfed before. There were a couple of storms somewhere up north and we were worried it would rain the whole time were there.The weather did clear up around lunchtime, we got a lot of sun and it didn’t start raining again til we checked out the next day.

Hullo, Crystal Beach.

The storms made for some huge and totally intimidating-to-a-first-timer waves though.

Some of our mountaineering buddies in high school had offered to teach me how to surf before, but I never got around to taking them up on it. AND I TOTALLY REGRET IT because I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun. ♥

Of course it took me around 10 minutes of wipe outs before I realised that I wasn’t regular-footed like I’d previously thought, so we had to pause and shift the leash to my left foot. It took another 10 minutes before I finally was able to stand on the board and a considerable number of wipe-outs after that before I could ride the wave to shore.

Then came paddling, which my shoulders are still a little sore from.

I’m a little sad we don’t have photos of us actually surfing because no one stayed behind on shore haha.

Myka, Monica, Angela & Patrick

My muscles ache in places I didn’t even know had muscles, I am sunburnt, bruised and wounded but it was awesome and I can’t wait for the next surf trip!