Steampunk-y PsykoBelles

Last Saturday, Pallon and I did a shoot to showcase the tattoos by Ram Marual of Psyko Studio Tattoos. I’ve always wanted to do a Steampunk shoot and lord knows I like my tattooed ladies so this was somewhat of a pet project for me. While it’s not completely Steampunk (it’s hard to do the whole Victorian-Industrial thing when most of the models have to be half naked– at least by Victorian standards haha), I’m hoping it’s at least still in the neighbourhood.

Photography and Art Direction: Katrina Pallon
Make-up and Styling: Gab Lopez
Corsets by Pola Castillo (which you might recognize from a previous  shoot :P)
Models: Bea Calantuan, Grace Orillo, Monica Lalisan, and Gabrielle Lopez

Truthfully, I wasn’t really feeling up to being photographed because I was the least tattooed girl there and because lacing up 3 girls in corsets wiped me out. But whatevs, the shoot came out awesome. ♥

My Fair Ladies, Mechanika and Sabre

With the brouhaha that’s happening to the DC universe, I’ve decided to ignore DC until their next reboot and focus on the non-DC titles I’ve been following. The newest of which, involve some very steampunky ladies:

1) Lady Mechanika
Written and illustrated by Joe Benitez, colors by Peter Steigerwald

Found in an abandoned laboratory with mechanical arms, Lady Mechanika was named by the tabloids for the city she was discovered in. Now working as a private detective, Mechanika is out to find her creator.

With only two issues out, this series is off to a promising start. I’m already such a sucker for Steampunk, but with the addition of a circus element in the second issue, Benitez has me hook, line and sinker.

The art is absolutely gorgeous although issue two is starting to look like the attack of the speech bubbles. I understand that’s a lot of dialogue to cover, but it completely takes over the panels at times.

You see?

I hope issue three doesn’t take another 6 months to come out. Waiting for #2 was torture.

2) Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether
By Greg Rucka and Rich Burchett

Steampunk with air pirates! ♥

Now that Freakangels is over (I’m still mourning), I’ve found another webcomic to ease the pain (haha!). With only 8 pages out, all I know so far is that Lady Sabre is on a ship in a sword fight with about half a dozen men. I do have faith that this will turn out to be great, as I absolutely loved Rucka’s work on the Batwoman arc in Detective Comics.

You can read Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether over at New comics every Monday and Thursday.