A newly discovered shoe fetish

I always thought I’d escaped the female sterotype of being obsessed with either or both shoes and bags. Today, I brought home what I just realised were my 4th pair of shoes in the past 2 months.

I had been looking for Oxford/Blücher-type dress shoes for a really long time and I found this gorgeous pair about a month ago at a thrift store for  580php. I had just bought my Batman sneakers a few days prior, so I thought I’d come back for them next time.

I  got them for 100php today.

One. Hundred. Pesos.

A month ago =  580php. Today = 100php.

They’re a little scuffed in the heels and nicked around the toes, but ONE HUNDRED PESOS!

Okay, I’m done squeeing now. Will go back to disinfecting and cleaning my new shoes. Hee ~♥

Made for walking

fetish-heelsWhoever invented the high heel must have been a man. My feet are killing me.

One of the company’s foreign suppliers is here for a visit so I had to be all corporate and presentable and spent the whole day  in heels yesterday. The WHOLE day. Til midnight. MIDNIGHT! Because we took him out for dinner and drinks after work.

Feel my indignation as I repeat words in caps lock for emphasis.

My heels weren’t even really high to begin with –about an inch and a half or so — but I swear, my feet still hurt like hell. Especially my pinky toes. Actually, my pinky toes don’t hurt because I CAN’T FEEL THEM ANYMORE.

In protest of my aching feet, these are the what I wore to work today (they’re also my latest impulse buy):

batman shoes

BATMAN SHOES HOLLA! AWESOMEST PAIR OF SHOES EVER! Got them at the Little Boys’ shoe section at the department store for about Php700. Times like these I’m thankful I’ve got such small feet, because the largest size they have these in are (EU) 35. I’m usually a size 36, but these still have breathing room.

I’ll be wearing these to the Scarlet Tears’ Halloween gig later, even if they don’t go with my costume because MY NEW SHOES, LET ME SHOW YOU IT!