On Finding One’s Senshi Spirit Animal

You’ll have to forgive how juvenile this post is, but I’ve been feeling nostalgic lately because I’m reading the Sailor Moon manga again. I was so ridiculously obsessed with this as a child, and it brings a lot of fond memories back because it was something that my cousin Cielo and I bonded over letters when we were still living in different continents (well, this and Saint Seiya ha-ha!)

I think we all latch on to fictional characters whose personalities are similar to our own and I can name my token character in any of my fandoms, except Sailor Moon. And yes, it bothers me greatly. Hahaha!


Ami was my initial favourite — something a lot of friends have laughed at, but I was lot more proper and reserved when we moved back here from Nepal. As a bookworm, I gravitated towards her, but the longer I lived in Manila, the louder and the more obnoxious I became, and the less I related to her.


After a while, I moved on to Michiru, who was still prim and proper,  but kind of a bitch and kicks ass in battle. Plus she paints, and swims, and 11-year-old me  just found her so pretty


According to this Sailor Moon MBTI Personality character chart, I am Haruka. Which really, should be the be-all end-all, but I guess if you don’t latch on to someone early on, you never really will.


Stupid internet quizzes tend to give me Rei, which I don’t mind. I relate to her bitchiness and hot-temper, but she’s always been kind of off-limits in my mind, because she was Ate Cielo‘s favourite.

But, after re-reading the manga, I realised that I really do love Rei best.


Manga-Rei though, not Anime-Rei. Because there is a bit of a difference there. So who’s your Sailor Senshi, and has it changed over the years? 🙂