Rhythm I can has?

When Derrick suggested I try Rhythm Heaven, I was very skeptic. Unlike most people, I don’t have an internal metronome — which probably the main reason I’m so musically inept — and as I mentioned in an earlier post, no hand-eye-coordination to speak of. Now, according to Wikipedia:

Rhythm Heaven has the player tap, flick, and hold the stylus on the touch screen to make a beat to go with the background music for the level.

Hrm. Again, internal metronome = 0. Hand-eye-coordination =0. But because I’m a sucker for all things cute and rainbow-y, I played it anyway. Gameplay is fairly simple in theory. Level 1 – Built to Scale, for example, has you inserting bolts into nuts (which, really, isn’t as dirty as it sounds).

Level 1. Photo from pcworld.com

The nuts roll in time with a basic ‘do-re-mi’ scale in various tempos and the only way to get the bolt in is to flick the stylus when the scale hits ‘sol’. I now have 17 medals and have unlocked all the levels, save for the bonus ones that require a certain number of medals to unlock. Yeahhhhh. Rhythm, I has it!