Rapunzel: New Favourite Princess

— Or rather, she is now number 3 of my favourite Disney Princesses of all time. (Numbers 1 and 2 being Jasmine and Ariel respectively with an honerable mention going to Charlotte from the Princess and the Frog)

Now, because I’ve already posted my review of Tangled on another blog (shameless plug: my Tangled review on Da Couch Tomato) and posting another review here would be redundant, I will instead gush over how much I love Rapunzel.

I really, really like Rapunzel. She has the most adorable overbite, she’s awkward and clumsy and dorky, and she paints!

Plus she has a fondness for cold-blooded cutie-pies.

It’s no secret I’m a Disney whore, but after Tangled, I am more excited than ever to see what they come up with next.