P52TR WEEK 12 – My Heart Draws A Dream


This was supposed to be Hyde (of L’Arc~en~Ciel), but my hands were all, LOL NOPE YOU GET A RANDOM GIRLY GUY. I really need to work on drawing faces from this angle, because my proportions are a little off.

Anyway, this is the product of me watching L’Arc’s World Tour 2012 concert at Madison Square Garden which always leaves me a little emotional. Save for a couple of songs it’s almost the same setlist as when we watched them in Hongkong.

Still two weeks behind on Project 52!

P52TR WEEK 10 & 11

As of this post, I am now just two weeks behind this project instead of four. There are a couple of reasons I’m this far behind. One is, both of these sketches look like crap to me.Two, up to a few weeks ago, I was working with a very toxic individual and even though we’re not working together anymore, I still feel like the life has been sucked out of me.

batgirl bleh

I have to keep reminding myself that the whole purpose of this weekly exercise is not to be particularly profound, but to be more prolific, which has always been my waterloo. Fingers crossed, I catch up by next month. がんばれオレ!

P52TR WEEK 8 – 斗

I’ve never been good at drawing men, which is something I’ve resolved to work on this year. Slightly effeminate, androgynous men, but men nonetheless. Baby steps.


I don’t know why I bother with muses though, sketches end up looking alike, regardless of who they were based on.

If you’re getting sick of faces in this angle or profiles, I apologise. I’ve developed a thing for noses, and these are the best angles, I find, that lets me draw them best.


“You know me, Carson. I’m never down for long.”

I am just so relieved this year’s Downton Abbey Christmas Special didn’t leave me with a heart attack. I don’t think I could live through another season ender like Matthew’s death.

This sketch was a bitch to get through because my hands wouldn’t stop shaking for some reason. I blame my anemia.

I am a week behind, I know. I was at the beach last weekend so I didn’t get to do anything. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish and upload the sketch for week 7 before Sunday.

Oh, and yay for the first sketch of the year! Let’s do this, 2014!


Tell Me What You Wanna Be

Why are men so fucking hard to draw? I didn’t even ink this because I was so afraid I’d fuck it up and turn it into a full-blown girl.

At least this looks like a man? Maybe? Kinda? Compared to my previous attempts at drawing men, it’s pretty masculine.

If you recognise my muse, (and if you do, you deserve an award, because this looks nothing like him), then please know I will deny it to my grave. Hahahaha!

I just realised his shoulders look weird. OH GOD HOW DO YOU MALE ANATOMY

P52TR – Week 2 & 3

These are the rest of the illustrations I did for my friends’ engagement shoot photos. I wasn’t going to post these until they’d posted the final files, but I realised my Project 52: The Ressurection (which from now on, will be shortened to P52TR) was looking pretty stupid with only one post three weeks in.

I’m only posting bits of them for now. Once the finished photos are up, I’ll post those here too.


Project 52: The Resurrection

Julie has convinced me to revive my long-dead one-sketch-a-week Project 52. While I’m not entirely convinced that I’ll be able to see it though this time, I’m not too proud to try again.

So first sketch for Project 52: The Resurrection is part of a series of designs I’m working on for my friends’ wedding next month.

Illustration for Wedding, 2013

I still don’t know where to go from here for the other designs yet. I need 4 more, I think? I hope I can come up with more. And soon. The deadline draws near.

I love drawing gnarled, curvy trees but I hate drawing leaves. Haha!