Orbit 360 Kickstarter Video Shoot

A few months ago (idek when anymore. July-ish?) I did hair and makeup for a video for the Orbit 360 Kickstarter.


TBH, I hesitated a lot when Tin and Iñigo asked me if I was available. I felt unqualified and out of my depth, but I’m glad they talked me into it. This gig marked two firsts for me: Doing dude makeup, and doing makeup for artificial lighting – which was a challenge, trust and believe. I’ve only ever done makeup for natural and minimal lighting, so dealing with the heat of about 15 artificial lights was definitely a learning experience.

Photo by Tin Garcia.


Photography by Anne Biemann and Video by Marco Biemann of Biemann Produktion Haus

Kimonos, Patterns, and Origami

This is the first shoot I’ve done with Pallon where I didn’t style or do hair and make-up haha!

On Photo: Monique Dimanlig
Photography, Concept, Art Direction: Katrina Pallon
Lights/ Production Team:  Gabrielle Lopez , Camsy Ocumen, and Kevin Toledo

Monique is well-known in the local convention circuit for cosplaying various Geiko and Maiko and the nice thing about having a cosplayer for a model is, they come prepared. Hair and make-up, outfits and accessories (save for the parasol, which was bought for me by my brother from Japan) were all the model’s own.

In terms of preparation though, I think this was the most labour-intensive shoot yet. The backdrop took us quite a long time to set-up and I spent the night before making twenty butterfly, dragonfly and moth silhouettes until two in the morning. Pallon and Kevin spent more time than that making the origami flowers.

On to the gorgeous photos!

Dia de los Muertos

A Dia delos Muertos-themed shoot inspired by the paintings of Frida Kahlo.

On Photos: Pola Castillo and Gabrielle Lopez
Photography, Concept, Art Direction: Katrina Pallon
Make-up and Styling: Gabrielle Lopez and Katrina Pallon
Corsets by Pola Castillo

This is probably my favourite shoot so far. I had so much fun with the make-up, even if symmetry was a bit of a problem.

The corsets were awesome. Pola made them herself and took about an inch to inch and a half off my actual waistline and made me stand up straight for once in my life. My back did hurt for a couple of days after, but what is pain in the name of beauty hahaha!

And what I find particularly awesome about this shoot is that despite the heavy Mexican influence, these photos still have a very Filipino feel to them.

Because you know, I’m nationalistic like that.

Portraits of a Dauphine

MODEL: Trixee Ibañez
CONCEPT & SET DESIGN: Katrina Pallon & Myka Francisco
LOCATION: Ocumen residence

I spent the last Independence Day weekend helping Pallon out on her latest shoot. Which was, in her words:

A series of photographs intended to pay homage to various scenes from Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette.” For this series, I tried as best as I could to restrain myself from putting in deep rich tones — the palette I’m so used to working with — but instead, go for consistent use of pastels, composition after composition, to stay true to the rococo theme. Dark hues were only used in one photo which was done in reference to the masquerade ball sequence in the film wherein Marie Antoinette met Count Axel von Fersen with whom she was purported to have had a romantic affair with. Here, she wears a gatto mask instead of black lace over her eyes. Lastly, “Portraits of a Dauphine” is part of a bigger series of photographs we wish to flesh out hopefully within the year. And yes, we want our Marie Antoinette exotic and her outfits stylized. (source)

This was a bit of a challenge, since Rococo and Baroque details are a lot harder to re-create (and I was never a fan of Rococo to begin with), and the hair stressed me out a little, but I think the shoot came out beautifully. 🙂 Also, yes this post is way, waaaay late.

Rest of the photos are behind the jump, and please check out Pallon’s galleries either on Multiply or deviantArt to full-view these photographs.