Gab (vs digital art), Currently XIII

I don’t think I’ve ever been this productive. But It’s easy to be able to squeeze in practice time when you don’t have to set up a bazillion things to be able to paint, in my limited workspace. I’ve wanted to try this thing where I don’t outline. I mean, I like my lines, butContinue reading “Gab (vs digital art), Currently XIII”

Bull In The Heather

This post is two months late haha! I had a lot of anxiety re: the opening because there was this massive rally that crippled EDSA, specifically around Megamall. I was surprised a lot of friends made it despite the chaos. I seriously was just expecting the other artists haha! I will admit, it does feel likeContinue reading “Bull In The Heather”

Be Found Working! (+ WIPs)

Last night had me rushing to submit requirements for the August group show I’m a part of and it hit me that I only have about a month and half left to finish three more paintings. As usual, I will be painting til the eleventh hour. . I really wish I could be one ofContinue reading “Be Found Working! (+ WIPs)”

Lost in that Mortal Struggle

OMG I’M FINALLY DONE I CAN GO GET SOME PROPER SLEEP NOW THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND KIND REGARDS I usually wait til an exhibit has opened before posting photos of paintings, but right now I just don’t care. It’s been so long since I did a painting, I’m positively giddy. The background irks me whenContinue reading “Lost in that Mortal Struggle”

Group Exhibit + WIP

Today, for the first time in ages (year? years?), I spent hours (5, to be exact) doing nothing but painting. It feels good to be creating something for myself again, although my joints and muscles seem to be punishing me for it. Also because this piece is part of an upcoming group exhibit and theContinue reading “Group Exhibit + WIP”

Saturday was a good day.

It was the last day of my Module 1 Nihongo class. Which meant final exams, both written (no biggie) and oral (In the form of a skit. Kill me now). I think I did rather well on the whole, except the skit had me nervous as fuck but it wasn’t so bad once we started. IContinue reading “Saturday was a good day.”

In the Quiet Sea [静かの海で]

Horrible edit of a horribly-lit photo. Really need to take a proper photo of it. 😦 I was re-watching a lot of  L’Arc~en~Ciel concerts and music videos from the 90’s while working on this painting, so it seemed fitting to name it after one of my favourite L’Arc songs from that era. I was originallyContinue reading “In the Quiet Sea [静かの海で]”

WIP: In The Quiet Sea

The deadline for a November group exhibit is this week. I started this painting the day before yesterday and just barely finished it at 7am this morning. Power napped for a couple of hours, showered, and dropped it off  at the gallery by 1pm so I could be in the office by 2pm. ぎりぎり! I wasContinue reading “WIP: In The Quiet Sea”

Long Overdue Update

I’m part of a 4-woman show this June, and my free time has been taken up with preparations. After a disastrous attempt at watercolour on paper, I started experimenting with acrylic on wood. My first test ended up looking like an Audrey Kawasaki rip-off, but I did like that I didn’t have to do backgrounds.Continue reading “Long Overdue Update”