Hey, Sailor.

“Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?” First painting of 2016, omg. I regret not using ye olde trusty techpen to line this because I just can’t get the crisp lines I want with a brush. Regardless, I’m over the moon to have finished something after so long. Watercolour and I aren’t close friends yet, but afterContinue reading “Hey, Sailor.”

But paints and WIPs excite me

Finally got out of that funk I’ve been in for the past year and am painting again, yay! In an effort to update more often, here’s what I’ve been up to the past couple of days. Got off to a rocky start because just as I’d finished the lineart, I realised that I had forgottenContinue reading “But paints and WIPs excite me”

Then maybe I won’t be afraid…

Things are a little hectic here in Manila. Typhoon Ketsana submerged more than half the metro in flood water and we’ve got two more typhoons coming our way, one of which is scheduled to hit us this weekend. The rain frightens me now. If I had gills and a tail, then maybe I won’t beContinue reading “Then maybe I won’t be afraid…”