Hey, Sailor.

“Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?”


First painting of 2016, omg. I regret not using ye olde trusty techpen to line this because I just can’t get the crisp lines I want with a brush.

“Hey, Sailor.”, 2016, 13″ x 18′, Watercolour on paper.

Regardless, I’m over the moon to have finished something after so long. Watercolour and I aren’t close friends yet, but after this, we are at least on speaking terms haha!

But paints and WIPs excite me

Finally got out of that funk I’ve been in for the past year and am painting again, yay! In an effort to update more often, here’s what I’ve been up to the past couple of days.

Got off to a rocky start because just as I’d finished the lineart, I realised that I had forgotten to stretch my paper. I hadn’t used watercolour in years, you see, and it completely slipped my mind. Pallon suggested stretching a new sheet and using carbon paper to re-do it but I didn’t have the heart for it. This was already a re-do as the original was on regular sketchpad paper and I don’t think I have it in me to draw this fucking mermaid a third fucking time.

Skelly love. ❤

I did a really wet test on some scrap and found that it didn’t warp too much once it dried, so instead of risking stretching the paper with the lineart, I decided to start painting.

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Watercolour’s scary, and it’s scarier when you’re out of practice. You make a mistake with acrylic, you just cover it up with more paint. Watercolour’s a touch move haha!


Anyway, my day job beckons. Looking forward to finishing this over the weekend.

Then maybe I won’t be afraid…

Maybe I Won't Be Afraid, 2009

Things are a little hectic here in Manila. Typhoon Ketsana submerged more than half the metro in flood water and we’ve got two more typhoons coming our way, one of which is scheduled to hit us this weekend.

The rain frightens me now. If I had gills and a tail, then maybe I won’t be afraid.

  • Line art is pencil on sketchbook paper. Textures added in Photoshop.
  • Watercolour textures used were made by Resurgere, a non-commercial stock resource on deviantArt.

I’m experimenting on a new watermark. I’m rediscovering Baybayin and thought it would be nice to incorporate it in.