Hair Chronicles – The FAQ Edition

hairfaq1 I’d been putting off something like this for a while now, but hair questions from friends have become more and more frequent, so let’s do this. TL;DR because I originally had  a bunch of photos of my hair here but I got sick of my face and deleted them.

Except this one, because it’s what my hair looks like atm.

Mind you, this is just how I do things. I am in no way a trained professional and I get a lot of tsk-tsk-ing from the stylists that cut my hair because it’s so fried and crunchy (like a good chicken!) so please proceed at your own risk.

1. Where do you get your hair done?

At home! Or friend’s homes. Haha! If Noelle‘s free, then I spend the night at her house so she can bleach my hair. If not, I do it by myself. If my brother’s home, he gets to help me with the back of my head.


What you will need:

  • Bleaching powder. I love Shinemoist 1+3 Bleaching powder. It doesn’t sting as much, and strips off colour better, but generic bleach is fine too.
  • 12% Oxidising Lotion I’m not too particular with oxidiser. You can get a 1 litre bottle for around 300php at HBC.
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Dye brush
  • Plastic fine-toothed comb
  • Plastic mixing bowl
  • Hair dye of choice

Ideally, you’d use 1 part bleaching powder for every 1 1/2 parts oxidiser but I usually start with a bowl of bleaching powder then keep adding oxidiser until I get the consistency of thick pancake batter. Generally I know I’ve mixed it right by how it stings my scalp. Hahaha!

Work in sections. brush some of the mixture on, comb it through, brush a little more, comb it through again, until you get your hair well saturated. Now this could damage your hair more than mine, but I usually leave it on between 1 to 2 hours. I start checking around 45 mins in and rinse it out when it’s at the shade I want it to be. At the very least, your hair needs to be a golden yellow, like an #f7c641, for most colours to show up nicely. After rinsing your hair (I like to shampoo after bleaching because it’ll be my last shampoo for about a week), apply the hair dye pretty much the same way you did with the bleach. I like to use my hands to work in the dye too. If it starts foaming, you’re doing it right.


There is a wise, old, Filipino saying, “Tiis ganda!” LOL but seriously, if the pain is more than a mild stinging, itchy kind, your scalp might not be reacting well to the bleach. Do a skin allergy test beforehand to be sure (although I’ve never done this myself hahahaha).

4. Why does your hair not look dead?

Thank you, but that is a lie hahaha! Always moisturise your hair after bleaching to minimise the damage. I like to soak my hair in olive oil for about 8 hours. I work at home, so I apply olive oil before my shift then rinse it out after work. I hear virgin coconut is great too, but I can’t stand how it smells because I hate coconut. I also try not to shampoo, just conditioner, for about a week after bleaching.

5. What dye do you use and where do you get it?

I like to use vegetable dye-based colour. They don’t need peroxide developer, so it’s less damaging. I’ve tried a bunch of other brands like Beyond the Zone, Raw Colour, and Special Effects, but Manic Panic is still my favourite. I used to get mine from relatives in the US, but there are a lot of online resellers based in the Philippines now. I follow @RainbowHead and @Ilovetodye on Facebook.

6. What colour should I go with?

Whatever the fuck you want! Although you do need to factor in how much time you’re willing to spend on bleaching and maintenance:

  • If you don’t want to bleach your hair too much, I’d suggest going with red or fuschia shades. These also withstand frequent shampooing better. Green is also a pretty easy colour to maintain and depending on the shade, doesn’t need too light of a base to begin with.
  • Shades in the blue, purple, violet family fade fairly quickly. It’ll last around 2-4 weeks, depending on how often you shampoo, but the colour will dull out by the end of week two. So be prepared to retouch your fair frequently.
  • Pastel shades, regardless of colour, need an almost white base and you’ll start to notice a loss of vibrancy after your 4th or 5th shampoo.

7. Wait, frequent shampooing, WAT?

That is right, ladies and gentlemen! If you want the vibrancy of your hair colour to last, then you’re gonna have to cut down on shampooing. Since I work at home, I can be as much of a slob as I want, but when I was still working at an office, I tried to shampoo at the most, every other day. If you really can’t do without washing your hair everyday, try just using conditioner on no-shampoo days.

8. How do you get rainbow hair without the colours running together?

I part and section my hair, apply dye, then wrap each section in plastic while it’s setting. The colours don’t seem to run when rinsing it out, so I don’t really make an effort to rinse each section separately.

9. How did you get your hair white?

Sometimes I bleach my hair for so long, the texture starts to resemble the way feathers feel, so I don’t really recommend it to anyone. It looks great and all Targaryen and shit, but it becomes impossible to comb while wet without handfuls of it breaking off. I try to just bleach it half the amount of time and then tone it to get rid of the yellow/orange undertones. You can get toner at the online stores I linked above.


Those are the usual Qs I get asked by friends, if I missed anything, let me know!