Seam Reap 2013 – The Basics


Scratched one more off the bucket list! The family and I took a little holiday last week and really, four days in Seam Reap isn’t enough. I now understand why my friends keep coming back.

I never got around to really blog about my Nepal trip two years ago, and I’m determined to it properly this time. Travel blogs pretty much saved me a lot of heartache when I was planning our itenirary and budget so hopefully, I can pass on the good vibes and help someone else. 🙂


There’s no need to change your bills to Riel; almost everyone accepts US Dollars but you get your change in Riel if it’s less than 1 USD. It’s about 4000 Riel to 1 USD.

PRO TIP: Bring new Dollars!
One of our bills were printed in the late 90’s, and no one would take it. I had to go to the bank to have it changed to a newer bill.


Home for 4 Days

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