Gab, Currently V

My trip last month made me lose all momentum in blogging semi-regularly again. Even my posts on the trip and the con feel very forced. Here’s hoping I can can get back into it, because it’s been therapeutic.


I haven’t really painted, or drawn anything in a while. I just haven’t had the heart for it, for reasons I’d rather not talk about publicly. Suffice it to say, I’m salty as fuck.


I bought this blank Unicorno that was I was super excited to work on but it’s now in art project limbo.


I figure I’d take a little break from, “art”, and when I finally start missing it is when I’ll go back to it.


Or read, rather. Because I finished it in two days. I want to love it, but Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer was just okay.  The main problem I have is that Magnus sounds almost exactly like Percy so it doesn’t feel like you’re reading a new series. It feels like a new Olympians book with different names. Of course, I understand I’m a good 15 – 20 years older than his target audience, but he managed to differentiate his character POV voice in the Kane Chronicles (as contrived as Sadie’s British accent was), so why couldn’t he do that here?

I’d still read the next books though haha!

Wonderful Treasure Find:

Totally the stealing the term from EatYourKimchi, but how else can I describe this shirt I found in a bazaar:


Such a dapper goat. If anything, it’s just a pity I can’t wear it with high-waisted pants because it’ll hide his very dapper outfit. 😛


At thirty years old, I am finally a registered voter. Or I will be, since apparently I’ve only submitted my registration to vote, which will go through a hearing in a few months, after which I will officially be a registered voter.


What a bureaucratic nightmare.

I made an appointment online for 8am. Got there at 7:30am (just in case) and was asked to fall in line with everyone else regardless of whether I have an appointment or not. At 9:30, a guy went around to herd us online appointments to the priority queue, where it took another hour for me to get my biometrics taken. I was out of the office just a little before 11am. Good lord.

At first I was all, yeah, I’m from UP, I know how to queue. But fuck, if I wanted to give up just 30 minutes into the wait.

So yeah. Civic duty and all that. Now I actually have to pay attention to current events instead of actively avoiding it.