Batman: Gotham Knight – Not quite a review

Sometime last year, my friend, Sarah asked me on Facebook about what I thought of Batman: Gotham Knight, which is is a series of animated shorts by different writers and different Japanese animation studios.  She had read my post on B:tas and was surprised I didn’t have one on Gotham Knight.

So I watched it, got bored after ten minutes, fell asleep. Watched it again a week after, got through the second short, then lost interest. Then almost a year later, I remember I never got around to writing that review. Hahaha. Oh dear.

It’s not that it was bad, bad. I thought, at least with the two shorts I watched, that the animation was smooth and the action sequences, fluid. But it just couldn’t hold my attention long enough.

The problem I had with it and the reason I was so bored with it despite all its shiny fight scenes was, throughout the shorts, this Batman was just a cardboard cut-out. Batman is driven by his emotions, by his grief and guilt,  and I felt like they left that and his humanity  out in Gotham Knight.

Maybe it gets better after the second short, maybe it’s consistent throughout all six shorts, I don’t know.  I guess for the sake of fandom and if you like Nolan’s take on Batman, it’s worth a watch, just not worth a re-watch.