I turned 25 a couple of days ago and I feel just as much as a kid as I always have.

Except I seem to showing signs of age as I completely forgot that I had a birthday coming up and went to Toycon because I had finally gotten my Freakangels tank top and I wanted to break it in in style (and a purple wig + goggles)

Going to Toycon right before your birthday is a very bad idea. I ended up overspending, justifying all my purchases as birthday presents to myself. There goes my celebration dinner money, people.

X-Force #1 (which we got for free!), Sandman #50 Distant Mirrors: Ramadan, Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall Harcover; OSM goggles.

Comics > Food. Yep, glad to know at 25 , I still got my priorities straight.

*First two photos courtesy of Jun and Hazel 😀


I’ve always been ashamed of the fact that despite my love for them, I’ve never been able to go out and actually look for new, awesome comics. The comics I read are usually recommendations from friends, which usually means that they’ve already been concluded and compiled into convenient little trade paperbacks and can be read at one’s own pace.

Now, a friend recently sent me a link to FreakAngels — it’s a free online comic by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield and it’s still (wait for it) ongoing.  FreakAngels has now officially popped my waiting-not-so-patiently-for-the-next-issue cherry and it’s driving me nuts haha. Especially since each episode is just about 6 pages long.

FreakAngelsclick to view larger image.

Post-apocalyptic, steampunk goodness with sibling-like love-hate relationships and telepathic-telekinetic-psychic mumbo-jumbo that’ll put Jean Grey to shame. Another win for Mister Ellis, and much love to Mister Duffield because I adore his art.