Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Eyeliners OMG!

Y’all know I don’t really do make-up posts, but a friend just came home from a few months in Japan and got me a couple of eyeliners from the Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Make-up Line as omiyage and I just *had* to squee over it.

These were part of the line that Bandai released, along with pressed powder and nail polish, in celebration of the Sailor Moon franchise’s 20th Anniversary. Because Bandai can read the minds of every woman who’s grown up with this show.

Star Power Prism Liquid Liner – Brown

Inside flap
Inside flap

It wouldn’t be Sailor Moon without a super fancy ridiculous name and gorgeous packaging. Just look at it! ♥

From what I understand with my limited Japanese, the packaging says it’s waterproof but it also says you use warm water to remove it. I don’t really understand how that goes, but I spritzed the swatch on my hand with water then rubbed on it, and it didn’t smudge, but also didn’t take a lot of effort to remove it with a wet wipe. /kanye shurg

This liquid liner also comes in black.

Brush tip

The formula glides on smoothly, and it’s got a fine 0.1mm brush tip that’s really flexible. If you’re not super comfortable with liquid liner yet, this brush tip might be a little more difficult to work with.

Star Power Prism Lamé Liner – Blue

Sailor Mercury-themed glittery blue liner. Also removable with warm water, but not water proof.

Inside Flap
Inside Flap

This formula is thicker, and creamier in consistency and also glides on smoothly. Colour’s really bright and shows up nicely on my tanned skin (which is rare) and it’s glittery without being gaudy.

Brush Tip

The bottom twists to squeeze formula out on the brush. I think you can tell by the state that tip is in that I squeezed a little too much for my swatch hahaha.

It has a red, Sailor Mars-themed variant too.

Swatches + extra product photo:

I actually did my face for more photos, but hooded eyes really  just aren’t the best at showcasing eyeliner in photos so yay, hand!


I can now legit yell, “Moon Prism Power Make-up” when I put my face on everyday.