So much for holiday plans…

It’ll be Easter in about 20 minutes. Which means it’s back to work on Monday.

Which means the long weekend’s over and I have:

-NOT read anything on my catch-up reading list.
-NOT drawn anything.

Good job, Gab. Instead, I spent these past few days downloading and watching, “Victorian Romance – Emma“.

I used to watch it on and off on Animax, but because I could never catch it regularly, I forgot about it.

Then Ate Cielo’s recent blog reminded me of it, hence the download frenzy.

I don’t understand why I can’t stand Jane Austen and Emily Bronte, but “Emma” has me bawling over its maid-falls-in-love-with-noble storyline.

All the makings of a harlequin romance novel, without the sex. Hahaha.