Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

My DS basically exists for two things: the Ace Attourney series and the Professor Layton series. So in between those game releases, my DS doesn’t get a lot of use. When I got my copy, I tried to really take my time and to make it last as long as I could but I just could not put it down.

The Unwound Future is the 3rd of the 5 Layton games, but is the last in the series’ fictional chronology.  So yes, I might have cried a little at the ending.

Just a little.


Production this time around was an improvement, adding more voice overs and more animated sequences which, like always were exquisitely done. The main reason I was so drawn to this series in the beginning was its art, which is reminiscent of Miyazaki but with a little more steampunk and an earthier palette.

The game starts off with a time machine experiment gone terribly wrong and a letter 10 years from the future. With much of the plot involving time travel into the future, there is a huge emphasis on Layton’s past which has never been tackled before.

I do have one nitpick. Like its predecessors, the plot has a twist in the end but unlike the previous games, I found this twist a little contrived and predictable. There is a huge heart-wrenching moment near the end that more than makes up for  the weak plot twist. So yes, I might have cried a little.

Just a little.


Next up for an English release is Professor Layton and the Specter’s Flute which is rumoured to be released sometime next year. Until then, I’m going to finish up the puzzles I didn’t find or get to solve during the game itself.

Rhythm I can has?

When Derrick suggested I try Rhythm Heaven, I was very skeptic. Unlike most people, I don’t have an internal metronome — which probably the main reason I’m so musically inept — and as I mentioned in an earlier post, no hand-eye-coordination to speak of. Now, according to Wikipedia:

Rhythm Heaven has the player tap, flick, and hold the stylus on the touch screen to make a beat to go with the background music for the level.

Hrm. Again, internal metronome = 0. Hand-eye-coordination =0. But because I’m a sucker for all things cute and rainbow-y, I played it anyway. Gameplay is fairly simple in theory. Level 1 – Built to Scale, for example, has you inserting bolts into nuts (which, really, isn’t as dirty as it sounds).

Level 1. Photo from

The nuts roll in time with a basic ‘do-re-mi’ scale in various tempos and the only way to get the bolt in is to flick the stylus when the scale hits ‘sol’. I now have 17 medals and have unlocked all the levels, save for the bonus ones that require a certain number of medals to unlock. Yeahhhhh. Rhythm, I has it!

A Game of You

The boyfriend got me a Nintendo DS as a Christmas gift last year. I told him I didn’t really need one (I could just borrow his), but he got me one anyway.

Maybe he got tired of sharing.

Now, I give him a hard time looking for games I can play.

I don’t like turn-based RPGs. I don’t have the patience to figure out how to use multiple characters at the same time and I don’t like to have to explore a vast area to find things.

I don’t like fighting games because I don’t want to have to memorise up-down-left-right-arrow-A-B-Y-X sequences.

I don’t like Guitar Hero-type things because I don’t have the hand-eye coordination needed to press/tap sequences in time with music.

So yeah, I’m not a gamer. But there are a couple that I love.

1. Professor Layton and The Curious Village. (2008)

It’s a puzzle-adventure type RPG. You go around the town of St. Mystere to solve the mystery of the Golden Apple. I like brain teasers. They make me feel smart.

I love the graphics, patricularly the colour palette and the Miyazaki-ish animated sequences.

The English version for the sequel, “Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box“, finally comes out sometime this year. So I can’t wait.

2. The Ace Attourney Series:

  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001)
  • Phoenix Wright: Justice for All (2002)
  • Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (2004)
  • Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (2007)

This was unexpected. Playing a defense attorney for wrongfully accused murder suspects doesn’t really sound like a great way to spend your time, but it’s made of awesome.

The gameplay mostly revolves around gathering evidence and investigating the case, then pointing out contradictions in Witness testimony during the trials based on what you’ve found.

“Ace Attorney”, was great. The bonus hidden chapter at the end of the credits was the best case in the whole game. “Justice for All”, was so-so compared to the first one. “Trials and Tribulations” was the only sequel I didn’t like. The storyline was a little too soap opera-ish. “Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney”, was where it got fun again. The improved graphics was a huge plus too. And they adapted some features from the hidden chapter from the first game.

I have no idea when the English version for the 5th game, “Gyakuten Kenji” is coming out. I wish they’d hurry it up. It doesn’t even have an English title yet. I’m getting sick of playing Cooking Mama 2 and Nintendogs while waiting.