Gab (vs digital art), Currently XIII

I don’t think I’ve ever been this productive. But It’s easy to be able to squeeze in practice time when you don’t have to set up a bazillion things to be able to paint, in my limited workspace.

I’ve wanted to try this thing where I don’t outline. I mean, I like my lines, but they’ve become a bit of a crutch, tbh. I still haven’t quite figured out a way to make a piece look finished without them.

Photoshop watercolour brushes are trippy because they kinda look like watercolour BUT BEHAVE NOTHING LIKE IT.

If this looks like three different paintings in one, that’s probably because it sorta is. I used a soft pencil brush for the lines, dry brushes for the flats, then watercolour brushes for shading, and now my trad-wired brain doesn’t know how to parse this information haha!

Then maybe I won’t be afraid…

Maybe I Won't Be Afraid, 2009

Things are a little hectic here in Manila. Typhoon Ketsana submerged more than half the metro in flood water and we’ve got two more typhoons coming our way, one of which is scheduled to hit us this weekend.

The rain frightens me now. If I had gills and a tail, then maybe I won’t be afraid.

  • Line art is pencil on sketchbook paper. Textures added in Photoshop.
  • Watercolour textures used were made by Resurgere, a non-commercial stock resource on deviantArt.

I’m experimenting on a new watermark. I’m rediscovering Baybayin and thought it would be nice to incorporate it in.