Steampunk-y PsykoBelles

Last Saturday, Pallon and I did a shoot to showcase the tattoos by Ram Marual of Psyko Studio Tattoos. I’ve always wanted to do a Steampunk shoot and lord knows I like my tattooed ladies so this was somewhat of a pet project for me. While it’s not completely Steampunk (it’s hard to do the whole Victorian-Industrial thing when most of the models have to be half naked– at least by Victorian standards haha), I’m hoping it’s at least still in the neighbourhood.

Photography and Art Direction: Katrina Pallon
Make-up and Styling: Gab Lopez
Corsets by Pola Castillo (which you might recognize from a previous  shoot :P)
Models: Bea Calantuan, Grace Orillo, Monica Lalisan, and Gabrielle Lopez

Truthfully, I wasn’t really feeling up to being photographed because I was the least tattooed girl there and because lacing up 3 girls in corsets wiped me out. But whatevs, the shoot came out awesome. ♥

Dia de los Muertos

A Dia delos Muertos-themed shoot inspired by the paintings of Frida Kahlo.

On Photos: Pola Castillo and Gabrielle Lopez
Photography, Concept, Art Direction: Katrina Pallon
Make-up and Styling: Gabrielle Lopez and Katrina Pallon
Corsets by Pola Castillo

This is probably my favourite shoot so far. I had so much fun with the make-up, even if symmetry was a bit of a problem.

The corsets were awesome. Pola made them herself and took about an inch to inch and a half off my actual waistline and made me stand up straight for once in my life. My back did hurt for a couple of days after, but what is pain in the name of beauty hahaha!

And what I find particularly awesome about this shoot is that despite the heavy Mexican influence, these photos still have a very Filipino feel to them.

Because you know, I’m nationalistic like that.