I turned 25 a couple of days ago and I feel just as much as a kid as I always have.

Except I seem to showing signs of age as I completely forgot that I had a birthday coming up and went to Toycon because I had finally gotten my Freakangels tank top and I wanted to break it in in style (and a purple wig + goggles)

Going to Toycon right before your birthday is a very bad idea. I ended up overspending, justifying all my purchases as birthday presents to myself. There goes my celebration dinner money, people.

X-Force #1 (which we got for free!), Sandman #50 Distant Mirrors: Ramadan, Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall Harcover; OSM goggles.

Comics > Food. Yep, glad to know at 25 , I still got my priorities straight.

*First two photos courtesy of Jun and Hazel 😀

Gotham City Sirens #12

Let me save you the effort of buying and reading this.

Selena’s out to look for her sister, Maggie, who hasn’t been seen since Blackest Night and has been loony since the whole Black Mask thing. Maggie turns up on the steps of a nun/exorcist person because she believes Selena is possessed by a cat demon and the only way to save Selena is to get rid of it. Nun/exorcist person has a pet cat which makes Maggie believe nun/exorcist person is in league with the cat demon and kills her and her cat. Maggie sifts through nun/exorcist person’s stuff and accidentally sets an angel free from his bottle. Angel says he’ll help Maggie kill cat demon.

What I like about GCS, is that it’s light and funny without being stupid but my suspension of disbelief can only suspend so much.

So no, I didn’t enjoy this issue, thank you very much.


Because I’m too lazy to write a proper review for each of the comics I’m currently reading:

1. The Unwritten

Meet Tom Taylor. Son of Wilson Taylor, author of a series of best selling books starring a young wizard named, Tommy Taylor. With his father’s mysterious disappearance years before, Tom’s been making a pretty decent living off the royalties of his father’s books and appearances and signings at the convention circuits. Suddenly he’s confronted by doubts and questions he doesn’t have the answers to and looking for them, only gets him into more trouble.

That is the best I can describe it without spoiling anything. I’m really enjoying this series though. The cover art’s lovely although I find the plot pacing a little off. Issue #12 was particularly awesome. It did not feature any of the main characters or take place in any part of the current story line, but it was a perfect display of what exactly Tom Taylor’s up against.

2. Fables

For the past couple of centuries or so, characters from various folklore and fairytales (Fables)have been living in our world, the mundane or, “mundy” world as fugitives from an enemy known only as the Adversary, who  has conquered their lands. (Say that 10 times fast)

I’m such a sucker for fairytales and myths and legends, I don’t know why it took me so long to get into Fables.  It’s awesome.

I love that Prince Charming’s philandering douche, who has, in turn, been married and divorced from Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. I love that Rose Red’s actually getting some love because no one I grew up with here in the Philippines seemed to know who she was. I also love that Mowgli’s such a stud haha.

Fables. Read it. Also, James Jean’s covers are stunning.

3. Red Robin

First off, I’m not a huge fan of the whole Bruce Wayne is dead (and alive again) storyline. Here, Tim Drake refuses to believe the Bruce is really dead and that he’s actually alive somewhere so he goes off on a soul and Bruce searching journey across the globe. I’m currently on issue #9. In as much as I like Tim, I’m getting a little annoyed by all his whining. Yes, I know your adoptive father is dead, but come on. I’m hoping Tim gets less whiny in later issues.

Gotham City Sirens #1-9

I finally caught up with the ongoing Gotham City Sirens series!  Written by Paul Dini and illustrated by Guillem March, the series features a team-up between Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman in a post- Hush-Battle for the Cowl-other comics I haven’t read yet-storyline.

I’ve read some really snarky reviews,  but I love it. True, it has its weak points — particularly in issue #1. I felt like the reason for the three of them teaming up wasn’t established well enough, so at times it felt a little fanfiction-y. But it gets better after the first issue and mad props to Paul Dini especially for giving Ivy’s  character a lot of depth.

Guilliem March did a bang-up job with the art. The girls are beautifully stylized. I really think the trick to enjoying Gotham City Sirens is to not take it too seriously.  Or I’m just not hardcore-comic-fan enough. In any case, having three of my favourite girls in one comic is nothing less than fangasmic.

Bang! Tango

True enough, Mike fulfilled my Christmas Wishlist Item No. 4 and gave me all six issues of Joe Kelly’s Bang! Tango.

Vincente Ponticello is an ex-New York gangster in hiding trying to make it big in the San Francisco Tango scene. His past comes to haunt him though, when an ex-flame comes to him for help.

Plot-wise, this mini-series is a little weak. Ex-mobster, fleeing from his associates, trying to carve himself a new life when a woman (I use the term loosely) from his past shows up out of nowhere — it’s a little cliché, non? I felt the violence and depravity were at times a little forced and was trying too hard to provoke you.

At the best parts though, the clichés combined with sex, violence and tango make for a campy combination that works. Mad props to penciller Adrian Sibar and inker Rodney Ramos because the art more than made up for the lukewarm plot. It’s sexy, fluid and the way the frames flow from page to page mimic a dance in itself. It is a comic that seduces you from start to finish.

Asterix and Obelix

There’s an interesting thread over at the Whitechapel forums about what popped your comics cherry.

Mine was,” Asterix.”


My parents, being huge fans, got the brother and I into them when we were kids.

Set in ancient Gaul, the series follows the adventures of Asterix and his best friend Obelix — residents of the only Gaulish village still resisting Roman occupation.  Getafix, their druid, brews a magic potion which temporarily gives them superhuman strength and speed, making them a perpetual thorn in Julius Caesar’s side.

“Asterix’ was awesomely funny and and it just keeps getting better with each re-read. As I get older, I discover easter eggs of jokes that I never would have gotten before.

The family Asterix collection

We’re only missing 7 out of the 33 that were released. Aside from being expensive, the issues we’re missing are next to impossible to find in Manila. I’m trying to avoid buying online because Customs are going to hold it at the post office than charge me whatthefuckery import taxes, but I will hunt those missing issues down.


I’ve always been ashamed of the fact that despite my love for them, I’ve never been able to go out and actually look for new, awesome comics. The comics I read are usually recommendations from friends, which usually means that they’ve already been concluded and compiled into convenient little trade paperbacks and can be read at one’s own pace.

Now, a friend recently sent me a link to FreakAngels — it’s a free online comic by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield and it’s still (wait for it) ongoing.  FreakAngels has now officially popped my waiting-not-so-patiently-for-the-next-issue cherry and it’s driving me nuts haha. Especially since each episode is just about 6 pages long.

FreakAngelsclick to view larger image.

Post-apocalyptic, steampunk goodness with sibling-like love-hate relationships and telepathic-telekinetic-psychic mumbo-jumbo that’ll put Jean Grey to shame. Another win for Mister Ellis, and much love to Mister Duffield because I adore his art.

Y the Last Man

see also: The overuse of the word, “Awesome”.

Just how awesome is, “Y the Last Man”? I finished reading all sixty issues in two days. This is the first book I’ve read in a long time that just refused to be put down. I read it in between work at the office, I read it at home, I read it while the boyfriend sulked on the couch (sorry, babe), I read it til I wanted to cry because I was at the last page of an awesome, awesome story.

In, “Y…“, an unknown cause kills every mammal that possesses the Y chromosome. The only exception is, Yorick (I sees what you did with the title thar!), an amateur magician/escape artist and his monkey, Ampersand. Yorick is joined by 355,  a secret agent who works for a sooper-sikret US government agency, and Allison Mann, a geneticist who’s out to discover what killed off the men and why Yorick was the sole survivor.

The serious subject matter, which delves in feminism, religion, & politics, is well balanced by the wit and humor of the characters involved. There are also one-breasted ultra feminist Amazons, monkey sex, male-impersonating prostitutes, bloody fight scenes, and lots of girl-on-girl action.

Awesome cakes. Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, you guys are made of awesome.

An Archie Wedding

This personal blog hasn’t been feeling very personal lately. Mostly because I’ve fallen back in the rut of house-office-house and my social life is on life support right now. So instead,  I’m sharing the hottest news to take over my plurk friend list:

After 67 years of  wishy-washiness, Archie finally makes up his mind and proposes to Veronica.

My friends on plurk are now divided into Team Cooper and Team Lodge. I don’t really care, my favourite among them meddling Riverdale kids was always Jughead. ♥

It’s a little weird though that the Riverdale kids are now growing up and getting married. Funny how affected we all are about this. I guess we’re the last generation who really grew up with Archie. And all this talk about it makes me feel old.

Personally, I think Archie doesn’t deserve either of them after stringing them both along for so long. He’s not even good-looking.

IMO,  Betty & Veronica can both do so much better.

Much, much better. 😛