Long Overdue Update

I’m part of a 4-woman show this June, and my free time has been taken up with preparations. After a disastrous attempt at watercolour on paper, I started experimenting with acrylic on wood.

My first test ended up looking like an Audrey Kawasaki rip-off, but I did like that I didn’t have to do backgrounds. Because I hate doing backgrounds. Because I suck at doing backgrounds hahahaha.

Here’s a really crappy camera phone work-in-progress photo of Circe, the ringmaster of my circus.

This is the largest I’ve ever gone. I usually work with A4-sized paper. Occasionally, A3, but this is me being overly ambitious hahaha! It’s 2.6′ x 4′! I still feel overwhelmed by the size of the wood panels, but I am pretty damn proud of myself. I thought I’d have it finished by Sunday, but it turns out I not only suck at backgrounds, I also suck at drawing pigs.

I will now go back to being on blogging hiatus. Still need to finish this piece plus five more by 2nd week of June.



Finally got around to drawing a Ringmaster for my litttle circus.

Again, full-view’s a bit blurry. No scanner, so that’s a crappy camera phone pic, parchment  texture by ~teeth-man added in photoshop.

Watercolour, watercolour pencils and ink on paper.

Watercolour, inked with techpens.


Really bad picture of this. Had to fix it up a lot in photoshop. The original looks better, I swear. Watercolour, watercolour pencils and ink. This was my self-portrait  for the LUNAROCK exhibit. Watercolour, watercolour pencils and ink.