Christmas Wishlist 2015

With Halloween over, I am free to think about Christmas and all the things I’d buy for myself in one go if I had the money to.


1. The Encyclopaedia of Goddesses and Heroines


I saw this book in the Takashimaya Kinokuniya at Orchard Road two months ago but didn’t buy it because I had neither the 50SGD to spend on it, or the luggage space to bring it home. It has been haunting me ever since.

2.  40L Hiking Backpack


I’d been using my brother’s Coleman hiking backpack for over ten years now and climbed seven mountains with it (including Mount Pulag!) but as I was packing for my last trip I noticed it needed to be retired soon. I was thinking of getting a small wheeled suitcase, but with the kind of travelling I do, a backpack would be a better choice.

Nothing under 40L but needs to still fit an overhead bin. Internal frame and padded hip belt are non-negotiables, and it wouldn’t hurt if it came in a cute colour scheme like this one I found online. XD

3. A New External Hard Drive. 


I really thought 1TB was a lot of space. Until I started filling it up. Haha! I really need a new 1TB (or more?) one soon.

4. Lipstick! 


I have close to 10 lipsticks in the same shade of hooker-red in various finishes and while I will always love a retro pin-up lip, I need a little variety. I need Jeffree Star’s Weirdo and LA Splash’s Sirius in my life.

5. Leopard Print Cigarette Pants


To go with my leopard peep toe wedges. Duh.

Christmas Wishlist 2014

It felt like I hadn’t done a list in a while, then I checked and the last time was Christmas 2013 hahaha!

1. Instax Mini 8 


I want one, but I’m not enough of a shutterbug to justify buying it myself. But I want it.

[Channeling my inner Tony. View full comic by bluewindsummer here]

2. R2-D2 Funko POP! Star Wars Vinyl Bobble-Head 


I don’t collect Funko POPs, but I need this for my Artoo collection like air.

3. Nintendo eShop Prepaid Cards


Because all my disposable income goes to comics now and semi-monthly road trips and I’m already 3 games behind on my favourite titles. /cry

4. A pair of Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Lady Dragonsvivi-melissa-ld

Because I ordered the last pair in light orange on sale online, and they screwed up my order. Long story short: still no Lady Dragons in my life. This must be remedied.

7. Black Canary & Zatanna: Bloodspell


This was supposed to be released May 2014 and I keep checking my LCS’s weekly lists, but it’s never there. All I know is I want it even though I haven’t been so enthusiastic about DC since the New52 crashed and burned.

6. Naked 3


Because who doesn’t love getting naked. /dad joke

I love my Naked Basics palette, and with me working from home, it really is more than enough. But the shades in Basic run a little too cool for my skin tone and 3 has the warmer browns I prefer.

[edit] 7. Curling Iron 


Because I’ve gone through two already. They just keep dying on me idk why. While I really like rag-curling, sometimes I just need a curling iron too.

Basically this whole list is Merry Christmas, you filthy animals! And a happy new year!

Christmas Wishlist 2013

I’ve started hearing Christmas carols whenever I’m out, so it’s wishlist time!

1. Missing Asterix Books
We’re a few volumes shy of a perfect Asterix collection and it irks me to no end. The local bookstores I’ve been to only carry a couple of volumes, all of which we already have (some, we even have doubles of).  So the ones we’re still missing are:

Hofitmpwhwalb-front Asterixcover-32 Asterix_and_Obelix's_Birthday

Asterix_and_Obelix_All_at_Sea_cover 250px-Asterix_and_the_Falling_Sky 12_tasks_asterix

2. Headphones / Earphones
My Coloud R2D2 headphones are super beat-up already, and I’m in dire need of decent replacements. They don’t have to be top-of-the-line or super hi-tech, as long as they don’t sound tinny.


3. Live Viewfinder for my Lumix LX5
Because sometimes relying on the LCD is a pain.


4. Bikinis
I’d never really bought new swimmers more than once every year or two, but now that I’m at the beach every month, it does get a little boring wearing the same two every time. Preferably the kind that ties around not with the clasps, because they’re a lot more secure in the waves. 😛


Link me to your wishlists! I’d love to check them out. 🙂

Christmas Wishlist 2011

a.k.a Things I’ve been planning to buy for myself for a while now, but other expenses keep popping up. Like needing to buy a new phone because my old one ragequit on me.

1. Light-up 1/4 scale Star Sapphire power ring and battery replica

2. Batwoman: Elegy (Hardbound)

Hardcover preferred but sold out, so paperback’s good too.

3. Glam + Melissa Disney Villain flats.

I want them all! But they’re P3495 a pop motherfucker. If I had to choose, I’d love the Evil Queen from Snow White one. The Cruella deVille one’s the prettiest, but I don’t really have any love for ol’ Cruella.


4. Mimobot Star Wars series R2D2 Flash drive.

Surprise, surprise. More Artoo shit. Haha!

5. Panasonic Lumix LX5

My Nepal trip frustrated me so bad because all I’d brought was a point-and-shoot and all my photos came out flat or washed out. Some were saved with a little curve-tweaking on Photoshop, but the others were crap. I still don’t want a DSLR because of the bulk and because I just don’t want to deal with that many options in taking a photo. With a little luck, I just might be able to buy this before the year ends. 🙂

6. 10 oz. Pink Flourish  Twins Boxing Gloves

My Everlast pair is still in great condition, but I’d a 10 oz pair. 😛 Also, how adorable is this print!?! ♥