Christmas Wishlist 2013

I’ve started hearing Christmas carols whenever I’m out, so it’s wishlist time! 1. Missing Asterix Books We’re a few volumes shy of a perfect Asterix collection and it irks me to no end. The local bookstores I’ve been to only carry a couple of volumes, all of which we already have (some, we even haveContinue reading “Christmas Wishlist 2013”

Christmas Wishlist 2011

a.k.a Things I’ve been planning to buy for myself for a while now, but other expenses keep popping up. Like needing to buy a new phone because my old one ragequit on me. 1. Light-up 1/4 scale Star Sapphire power ring and battery replica 2. Batwoman: Elegy (Hardbound) Hardcover preferred but sold out, so paperback’sContinue reading “Christmas Wishlist 2011”