Christmas List!

Christmas is about a month away, so it’s time for the annual wishlist. Because I’m greedy like that.

1. Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I sketched out what my perfect pair of boots looked like and gave it to Noelle, who was going home to Hong Kong for the Holidays. I asked her to pretty please buy me a pair that looked at least close to the sketch. The holidays came and went and Noelle came back with a pair of boots that looked IDENTICAL to the sketch I gave her. I wore these boots almost everyday for 2 years and now they are broken. True story. So what I really, really want is a pair of boots to replace my perfect boots. They looked something like this:

2. Crayola crayons box of 120’s

According to the official Crayola webpage, it also includes a special surprise inside. Because, as a very wise man once said, “The best kind of prize is a SUR-prize!”

3. A Freakangels tank top

To spread the Freakangel love.  Also so I can pair it with my black frilly skirts and dye my hair purple and pretend I’m Sirkka.

4. Comic books

Singles, or trade paperbacks. I don’t care. As long as it’s something I can read.

5. Laptop Bag

Because the boyfriend gave me a netbook as an advanced Christmas gift, my current laptop bag is now too big.  So something that will fit a 10″ netbook snugly, has enough room for my kikay kit and other junk that I carry around with me daily would be great. Plus points if it’s got a great print.

So, what’s on your christmas list? 🙂