Fangirling: Part Deux

I’ve always found it harder to write about the things I like than the things I don’t. It’s so easy to be snarky and witty with the former, with the latter all I can seem to do is squee and flail my arms aimlessly.

Which brings me to someone I squee and flail at regularly these days– China Miéville.


What started it all was a copy of Perdido Street Station that Mike gave me a couple of Christmases ago. Friends have commented on the how labourious it is to read –which I’ve also noticed in The Scar— but I think it’s essential in immersing you in his Bas-Lag universe. It’s overwhelming at first, but you don’t really notice it later on and it starts to play out in your head like a richly detailed movie.

King Rat and Un Lun Dun are a lighter read. Not just because Un Lun Dun is a YA novel, but because they’re mostly set in London, you don’t need to dwell so much on the setting.

His work is an acquired taste but if you’re interested in a great mix of fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk, you should definitely check his books out.