Batman: Year One

Year One, based on the comic by Frank Miller, recounts the beginnings of Bruce Wayne taking up the cowl and Jim Gordon’s career with the Gotham City Police Department. 

I’m kind of ambivilent about Year One. While it’s a really faithful adaptation of the comic (almost panel-for-panel, really) , I’m not digging the art direction. The original art was gritty, dark and has this really sketchy feel to it. The animated movie felt like a half-assed attempt to clean it up and make it more polished for animation. It would have been better if they just veered away from the style completely and did it like, I dunno, Under the Red Hood or something. The animation itself was problematic as well, which at times felt like a motion comic rather than a cartoon.

I also cannot stand Batman’s voice. Ben McKenzie does fine as Bruce Wayne, but his Batman voice gives Hayden Christiansen’s wooden acting on Star Wars a run for his money.

Really almost 100% panel-for-panel. Which is cool.

What I really enjoyed were Jim Gordon’s parts. He’s always been pretty likable, but Year One really shows the depth of his character.


Also really fangirled over Eliza Dushku as Selina Kyle and Grey DeLisle as Mrs. Barbara Gordon! Grey DeLisle has voiced almost every one of my favourite animated characters so it’s always a thrill for me to find her in other cartoons.

So is it perfect? No, but storywise it’s faithful to comic which should be a prerequisite for any Bat-fan. Worth it especially for Jim Gordon and a peek at Selina in her Tim Sale Catwoman costume!

Thoughts on the DC new 52

I know I said I’d ignore DC until the next reboot, but I just can’t seem to stay away. I’ve only read 4 titles so far and it’s been 50-50 for me.

1. Batgirl #1

I wasn’t really stoked about Babs donning the suit again. I love Babs, but I realised I love her more as Oracle than as Batgirl. But still, Gail Simone’s writing it, and her work on the first Birds of Prey series was the reason I like Oracle so much.

I really don’t like the art in this issue. The poses were a little off and the colours were garish. I’m not completely buying Babs just getting better, although I guess it ties in with that scene from BOP where she manages to move her toes. Kinda.

This didn’t wow me, but I think it could get better as the story progresses. Because, you know, it’s Gail Simone.

2. Catwoman #1

I am a sucker for Guillem March. Again, a lot of fanrage on the internets about his stuff, but I really love his style and I usually really like his cheesecake stuff. Usually.

The writing was great, because you could feel Judd Winick really knew his shit around Selena Kyle. The monologues didn’t feel forced. (Which is what I felt with Batgirl.)

So I generally love the art and I generally love the way it was written.

Until we get to the sex scene. I don’t know if it was just the way it was written, or how it was drawn, or a combination of both but really just looked like soft-core porn. I’m as big a Bat-cat fan as any –Hush is one of my favourite story arcs– but come on. First half was great, second half was smut.

3. Batwoman #1

I think it’s been almost year since DC announced Kate Kane was getting her own series, and I was really, really looking forward to this and then I forget to have a copy reserved at ye old comic book store. It’s sold out and I’m waiting for the reprints to arrive next week. Fail.

Anyway, J.H Williams? YES. YES. YES. FUCK YES. It’s totally on the same page as Kate’s run on Detective Comics although co-written by J.H Williams and W. Haden Blackman this time around instead of Greg Rucka. But yes, moar pls.

4. Batman #1

Oh, wow. This was amazing. I liked how it started off sort of re-establishing Gotham to the reader and then goes straight to the action. I was a little disappointed to see Joker in there, because let’s face it, I’m a little sick of him. He’s everywhere. I was hoping they’d focus on another villain. Although he wasn’t really the focus here either. Moving on, so I can avoid spoilers.

This scene, omg:

Yes, it’s fanservice, and I completely bought it.

I hear Wonder Woman #1’s good too. Might check it out sometime. Will prolly just wait for the reprint.  What are your thoughts on the new 52?

Superman Batman: Apocalypse

I’m sorry but am I the only one bothered by  the outlined upper lips on Supes and Bats?  Anyone?

Finally, an animated movie that I’ve read the comics it was based on haha! Apocalypse is based on “The Super Girl from Krypton” arc in the Superman Batman series by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner. Although this was pretty faithful to the source material,  it didn’t exactly blow me away. But then again, the whole Superman Batman series doesn’t blow me away to begin with, I just read it for the homoeroticism.

Moving on.

I mostly watched this because Kevin Conroy was reprising his role as Batman but the best parts for me were the bits that had either Wonder Woman and/or Big Barda in it.  Barda’s a pretty recent favourite and I really need to read more stuff with her in it so any excuse to watch her is awesome.

Whoever choreographed the fight scenes must be a big wrestling fan — which I am not —  but there was this one epic scene with Wonder Woman and Lashina’s whip thing. (Sounds kinky)

Moving on.

I thought the Clark-Kara shopping montage was wa-ay too long and it was very, very cheesy. The final battle between Darkseid, Supes and Kara also took much time.

I wish they’d shorten those scenes and lengthened the scenes on Themyscira. Because I love me some Amazons.

Overall, I thought it was okay. Nothing spectacular, but worth watching.

Note: This entry was published late because I was too lazy make the screencaps earlier. Screencaps, that I just realised don’t have either Batman, Superman or Supergirl in them haha!

Batman: Gotham Knight – Not quite a review

Sometime last year, my friend, Sarah asked me on Facebook about what I thought of Batman: Gotham Knight, which is is a series of animated shorts by different writers and different Japanese animation studios.  She had read my post on B:tas and was surprised I didn’t have one on Gotham Knight.

So I watched it, got bored after ten minutes, fell asleep. Watched it again a week after, got through the second short, then lost interest. Then almost a year later, I remember I never got around to writing that review. Hahaha. Oh dear.

It’s not that it was bad, bad. I thought, at least with the two shorts I watched, that the animation was smooth and the action sequences, fluid. But it just couldn’t hold my attention long enough.

The problem I had with it and the reason I was so bored with it despite all its shiny fight scenes was, throughout the shorts, this Batman was just a cardboard cut-out. Batman is driven by his emotions, by his grief and guilt,  and I felt like they left that and his humanity  out in Gotham Knight.

Maybe it gets better after the second short, maybe it’s consistent throughout all six shorts, I don’t know.  I guess for the sake of fandom and if you like Nolan’s take on Batman, it’s worth a watch, just not worth a re-watch.

Batman: Under The Red Hood

A new vigilante shows up in Gotham under the guise of the Red Hood — an alter ego previously used by a number of other thugs but most notably by the Joker. Unlike his predecessors, this Red Hood has started cleaning up Gotham. And unlike Batman, he doesn’t think twice about killing. Batman and Nightwing team up to find out who exactly is under the hood, and to stop him at all cost.

This is a little darker, and a little more violent than their previous relases, but DC’s strength for me really is in their animated features (as opposed to their live-action movies) and Under the Red Hood a pretty solid production .The action sequences in this are nothing short of awesome. There are rooftop chases, explosions, gratuitous crashing through glass ceilings, and headshots all around.

Voice acting was top-notch and they’ve got some pretty well-known names in the cast. As someone who compares every other Batman voice actor to the Kevin Conroy, I thoroughly approve of Bruce Greenwood. He manages to stay in the same neighbourhood as Conroy without sounding like a copycat and makes the role his own. Neil Patrick Harris as Nightwing, Jensen Ackles as Red Hood and Jason Isaacs as Ra’s Al Ghul – all amazing. John DiMaggio as the Joker was a little too Heath Ledger-ish for me, I would have preferred something a little more maniacal, but the script balanced it out well.

My only qualms are one, where’s all the blood? Fantastic, no holds barred fight scenes, but very little gore. Granted, I’ve never seen someone get beaten to death with a crowbar in real life, but I expected a lot more blood and I dunno, facial swelling.

Two, is it just me or was this a little short? The plot and the characters were well played out; I didn’t find the progression jarring at all. But when the credits rolled, it felt lacking. Maybe an additional fight scene or two would have rounded it out?
All in all, it’s a pretty solid Batman story. It dwells heavily on loss and vengeance and jsut completely blows you away.

Made for walking

fetish-heelsWhoever invented the high heel must have been a man. My feet are killing me.

One of the company’s foreign suppliers is here for a visit so I had to be all corporate and presentable and spent the whole day  in heels yesterday. The WHOLE day. Til midnight. MIDNIGHT! Because we took him out for dinner and drinks after work.

Feel my indignation as I repeat words in caps lock for emphasis.

My heels weren’t even really high to begin with –about an inch and a half or so — but I swear, my feet still hurt like hell. Especially my pinky toes. Actually, my pinky toes don’t hurt because I CAN’T FEEL THEM ANYMORE.

In protest of my aching feet, these are the what I wore to work today (they’re also my latest impulse buy):

batman shoes

BATMAN SHOES HOLLA! AWESOMEST PAIR OF SHOES EVER! Got them at the Little Boys’ shoe section at the department store for about Php700. Times like these I’m thankful I’ve got such small feet, because the largest size they have these in are (EU) 35. I’m usually a size 36, but these still have breathing room.

I’ll be wearing these to the Scarlet Tears’ Halloween gig later, even if they don’t go with my costume because MY NEW SHOES, LET ME SHOW YOU IT!

DC Animated Movie Week

Okay, I lie. I didn’t actually watch all of these this past week, but I couldn’t think of a title.


1. Wonder Woman

The reason I wasn’t so into Wonder Woman as a kid was because of the incredibly cheesy Linda Carter TV series. I only started to like the character when I started watching Justice League and borrowing my cousin’s JLA graphic novels.

This re-hashed Wonder Woman origin movie is epic. Great dialogue and story, the animation and action scenes were fluid.  AND it’s produced by Bruce Timm, who I love, love, love for his work on Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League.

It’s also got a pretty heavy voice cast with Keri Russell as Diana, Alfred Molina  as Ares, Rosario Dawson as Artemis, and Marg Helgenberger as Hera.

And yes, the incredible, invisible flying jet’s in there too.

superman-batman-public-enemies-bluray2. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
I haven’t read the comic books yet so I can’t make a comparison, but I enjoyed it. Of course, that could just be the Batman fangirl in me talking.

Not too fond of the art but maybe that’s because I prefer Bruce Timm’s pin-up-art-deco style.

There’s a lot of Bats-Supes bromance in here. A lot. Like, bordering-on-lovers-bromance. But Power Girl’s in it, so rejoice! Her ample boobage makes up for the bromance, if you’re not into that sort of thing.

Watch out for the, “You killed my best friend” line. It killed me. Hahahaha.


Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

3. Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Bruce Wayne + Ice-blue eyes = not working for me.

Alfred, as always, was awesome.

Wasn’t bad, nothing spectacular either.

The animation was a bit messy.

For the love of all that is holy, will someone explain to me how Batwoman’s mask works because I spent half the movie being bothered by it.





Batman: The Brave and the Bold — Mayhem of the Music Meister


The Brave and the Bold’s always full of lulz, but lulz set to music? YES PLZ!

Neil Patrick Harris stars as guest villain, the Music Meister, who has the power to control people by bursting into song.

I repeat: Neil Patrick Harris as singing and dancing villain. So much win in less than 30 minutes of cartoon.

I Fail At Life

I started colouring Daphne in last night, and boy, what a fail in epic proportions that was. I’m glad I took photos of it as a pencil sketch because I realise now that it will look best just as line art. I need to pick up a good eraser that isn’t the kneaded kind and some new pens after work to remedy the catastrophe that was last night.

I’m really bummed out and I’m crossing my fingers, toes and eyes that I can still save the drawing.

In other not-so-bummed-out news, I still can’t decide which makes me more school-girl giddy: Continue reading I Fail At Life