Tearbending from The Legend of Korra – Book Three

This was originally just going to be just an FB status update, but it quickly developed into something too long for that haha!


I just finished watching the two-part finale to the series and that was the first time I’ve been moved to tears by an Avatar episode since the Legend of Aang. I’m so happy the creators finally found their stride with “Legend of Korra”.

Book One: Air was good, save for the last few episodes. I thought the twist behind Amon’s true power was a bit of a cop-out, and the ending was a weak resolution to how intense the beginning of the series was. Book Two: Spirits was forgettable. I enjoyed moments of it. Mostly when the episode involves Eska and Desna. Or Bumi. I guess the best thing out of it were the origin episodes of the first Avatar.

But Book Three, man. FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. It was well-paced, with just the right balance between intensity and its light-hearted moments, and most importantly, familiar.


I don’t know if it’s the roadtrip theme, or the return to Ba Sing Se, but LoK has finally started to feel like a continuation of A:TLA and living up to what made it so wonderful. In a way, I guess Nickelodeon’s decision to remove A:TLOK from TV and release it online was a good thing, because the creators didn’t have to tone down the darker direction the show is taking.


This season also had the best villains ever.

So on to more spoilery thoughts (If you haven’t watched any of Book Three yet, especially the finale, consider this your warning):

  • I disagree with Bumi getting air bending. My headcanon has always been Bumi, as the only non-bender, being Sokka’s heir: Bumi getting special treatment from Uncle Sokka; Learning tactics and strategy from him, which was a huge part in him becoming a commander in the United Forces. Bumi getting bending doesn’t really significantly add anything to the story other than wish fulfilment.
  • TOPH IS ALIVE AND SHE WAS A PLAYAH~! I thought it was just awesome that Toph’s daughters had different dads. I look forward to her making an appearance in the next season. I hope she does because otherwise, what’s the point in revealing she’s still alive?
  • I need to know where Zuko got his dragon. I thought Ran and Shaw were the last dragons left? Unless Zuko’s is one of the two? Idek
  • Tenzin’s torture scene omg my heart
  • P’Li’s death OMFG
  • Zaheer flying wtf hahaha. But I was excited to finally see advanced airbending techniques. It’s unfair for the other elements to have all the fun.
  • Like Zaheer sucking out the air in the Earth Queen’s lungs like whoa
  • It sucks that P’Li, Ming Hua, and Ghazan are dead because I wanted to see more of them. Back story pls.
  • For a moment there, I thought Korra was going to sacrifice herself to keep out of the avatar state and the season would end with the birth of the next Avatar. But I suppose that’s too dark, even for web release hahaha!
  • I was holding back tears during the start of Jinora’s anointment and then legit bawling when she revealed her shaved head and tattoos omg

Even though Bryan Konietzko has confirmed a fourth season on tumblr, I hope the series’ shift to web release isn’t a sign that the franchise might get cancelled. I need Book Four like air!

Tattoos # 2 & 3

My brother, Andy, and I got almost-matching tattoos for our love of Avatar: The Last Airbender. It’s such an amazing show; Fantastic world building, and flawed, multi-dimensional characters, and we’ve spent many a night binging this show as a family.

While I’m still mad at that godawful The Last Airbender Movie, I’m glad now that they changed the bending symbols in the movie , that way these tattoos are only associated with the animated series.

I got the Water-bending symbol below my right clavicle and the Water Tribe emblem below my left. I knew I didn’t want it to be just plain blue because I think it’s a bit of a flat colour on skin on it’s own. Ram used a medium blue for the outlines and a sea foam green to fill it in, but it came out more on the greenish side for some reason. Which I like better, even if it’s not completely faithful to the original art.

Pardon the redness and the bruising and the bleeding. This was taken immediately after they were finished.

Andy wasn’t feeling the Water Tribe emblem too much, so he got two Waterbending symbols, one flipped so they’d be facing each other.

Also still red, bruised and bleeding.


Tattoos by Ram Marual of Psyko Studio Tattoos Cavite, who also did my custom Octopus tattoo. Check out their Facebook page!

The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra

Now that San Diego Comic Con’s over and I’ve gotten over my yearly why-wasn’t-I-at-SDCC-itis, I am now free to rave over the trailer of The Legend of Korra that was released at comic con:

Words cannot describe how excited I am for this. When the first teasers came out last year, Korra was slated to be a mini-series to run for 12 episodes. It is now extended to 26 episodes and will premiere around mid-next year.

Korra & her polar bear-dog, Naga

“Korra…” takes place 70 years after the end of the first series. After Aang’s death, the new Avatar (Korra) was born into the Southern Water tribe. She will be sixteen at the beginning of the series, and has already mastered Water, Fire and Earth bending. She now has to master Air bending from Aang and Katara’s second son, Tenzin.

Tenzin concept sheet

In Korra…, bending isn’t embraced by everyone. There are anti-benders who call themselves the Equalists, which heralds a possibly darker tone to the series. The world’s a lot more modern and a lot more steampunk (which I’m always for), but there’s a small part of me that’s a little bit nervous. The first series was just so epic on so many levels, what if this doesn’t live up to that?

Korra concept designs

But I’ve always had a bad-ass female character bias, and from what I gather from all the SDCC reports I’ve read, and with DiMartino and Konietzko still at the helm, Korra will (hopefully) not disappoint. 🙂

The concept character art is taken from Racebending.com‘s facebook page. Click here to view more of their Legend of Korra photos from SDCC.

How I Figure the Last Airbender Movie’s Gonna Turn Out

I saw the new trailer for the Last Airbender movie when we watched How to Train Your Dragon. How I feel about the trailer now and how I predict I’ll feel about the movie when it comes out will probably be a little something like how the Avatar kids reacted to the play in the Ember Island Players episode. The rest of the screencaps after the jump.

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What the Fuckery

This blog was suspended last night due to violation of Terms of Service. And after a night of ranting on plurk, a panicked e-mail to WordPress.com and wondering what the hell I could have possibly done wrong to violate anything, I got my reply today:

moarwtfClick to full view screenshot of email.

I checked Last Airbender Fans.com (which was where I got the photos), and they’ve also been asked by Paramount Pictures to remove the pictures.


I’m not going to defend re-posting the leaked pictures because they went all legal jargon on me (I’m allergic, doncha know), but this totally killed my buzz. They could have e-mailed me directly. Or left a message. Or a smoke signal.  Instead of having my blog suspended. Bureaucratic asshats.


Way to go, Paramount.

Moar The Last Airbender Photos!

Don’t look at me like that.

Last Airbender Fans.com have released photos of the main cast for “The Last Airbender“:

[Paramount Pictures had my blog suspended and demanded I remove the photo above. So let’s just pretend you can see what I’m talking about]
Noah Ringer as Aang; Dev Patel as Zuko; Jackson Rathbone as Sokka; Nicola Peltz as Katara.

So what are we thinking? I’m thinking this Ringer kid’s growing on me, Dev Patel is still hot and the Water tribe sibs are looking a little meh.

I’m more anxious than excited to see this. Yes, I’m past denial. I want to watch this. Bring it on, M. Night Shyamalan. Let’s see whatchoo got.

[edit] I take that back. They’re replacing Chinese calligraphy with unreadable symbols in the film. I am resuming my previous stand of boycotting the film when it comes out. Mebbe buy a pirated dvd of it, just for curiosity’s sake.  But not spending on anything that’s going to profit this travesty of a film.  [/edit]

The Last Airbender Teaser

They’ve released a teaser trailer for, “The Last Airbender”. I don’t want to get hyped up to see it, but I have to admit, it looks pretty damn cool.

With all the fan-rage that’s on the intarwebs, I just want to make a few things clear.

I am not against this film because the costumes/tattoos/scars/bending symbols don’t look exactly like the ones in the animated series. I also won’t be complaining about how they left out episode number x=n2-(x2+n) because, hey, it’s an adaptation. No one wants to see a 15-hour film and there is a slim to none chance of bright aqua blue tattoos looking good on any real person. (You’ve seen the cosplays)

I am against the casting. Now we can argue all day about ethnicity and race and Asian elements in the film and how insulted I am as an Asian and how much I love Dev Patel and how it’s not a real world and the characters aren’t real anyway and blah, blah, blah. I’ve read far too many blogs about the issue and the arguments never seem to go anywhere.

My two cents are, I think it’s a bit like shooting the Lord of the Rings film with an all-Asian cast with the Caucasians as  Orcs.

Disclaimer aside, my conviction to boycott the film slowly weakening because despite all the dramu, it’s still Avatar. It’s one of the few things I’m still all fangirl-y about.

Do I watch it, or no?

First look at the Avatar movie

About a month ago, Producer Frank Marshall released a statement saying that the cast for the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender movie was final and no amount of bitching on the intarwebz was going to change their minds, so I planned to just boycott the whole thing, or torrent it so Paramount won’t get any of my money.

First images of the film were just released by USA Today a few hours ago, and now I have mixed feelings about it. The avatard in me wants to watch it just because it’s Avatar. But the casting still  really, really ticks me off.

airbender-patelx-topper-mediumDev Patel as Zuko

tla_aang_noahNoah Ringer as Aang

Nothing against Dev Patel, I think he’s great, but I still think he’d be better off as Sokka. Noah Ringer doesn’t look that bad. I don’t get that smudge on his forehead though. Are they nixing the tatoos, or CGI-ing them post-prod? This whole thing’s just really weird. The trailer will be out in June, so I’m crossing my fingers.

Dear World. Pls to stop raeping my fandomz. kthxbai!♥ Gab


<edit> The intarwebz just coughed up this photo. (Thanks, Julie!)


Patel’s looking hot. The angst suits him hahaha. This movie might not suck as hard as I thought. </edit>