A Farewell to Bantay

Since Secret Fresh is primarily known for their Designer toys, Pallon, Julie, Tin, and I each painted a  Munny as part of our exhibit there last June-July.

Mine was intended as a companion piece to my painting, “Preserved On A Peacock’s Tail.”  Both the painting and the Munny were based on Argus, a giant with a hundred eyes who Hera set to guard Io from Zeus. Hermes, on Zeus’s orders, killed Argus and Hera preserved his hundred eyes on the tail of the peacock to commemorate her faithful servant.

Bantay, 7″, Arcylic Paint

Truthfully, painting a Munny was probably the most frustrating thing I did for the exhibit haha! It was my first attempt at painting a three-dimensional surface, and for some I reason I couldn’t get the paint to go on as smoothly as I liked. But I did it, and now that all the exhibit stress is behind me, I wouldn’t mind painting another.

I just received a text from our lovely curator that “Bantay” just got sold. Good-bye, my first-born. Have fun with your new owners. 🙂

Greek Mythology x Circus Series

I was in such a state of panic during the last few hours before the ingress that I didn’t really have the time to think about the titles. I ended up naming them after the beings they based on; namely, Circe, Argus, Daphne and Arachne. Now that  I’ve been able to relax more, I’ve been able to give them proper titles. I’ve finally been able to flesh out my previous Circus and Greek mythology themes into one, cohesive series! Click on the thumbnails to full-view. 🙂

And as icing on the cake, our exhibit was featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer  two weeks ago!

Photo courtesy of Pallon.

You can read the whole article (sans most of the photos) here!


Let’s add this to the long list of drawings I’ve ruined by colouring them. If you must know, I screwed this up when I was painting the peacock feathers.

This is supposed to be Argus, a giant who had a hundred eyes all over his body, who Hera set to watch over Io. Zeus had Hermes slay him, and to commemorate her faithful servant, Hera had all of his eyes preserved on the peacock’s tail.

I’ll be doing this over soon. I mean, I want to do this over soon. Maybe once I get over the frustration of ruining another painting again.