An Archie Wedding

This personal blog hasn’t been feeling very personal lately. Mostly because I’ve fallen back in the rut of house-office-house and my social life is on life support right now. So instead,  I’m sharing the hottest news to take over my plurk friend list:

After 67 years of  wishy-washiness, Archie finally makes up his mind and proposes to Veronica.

My friends on plurk are now divided into Team Cooper and Team Lodge. I don’t really care, my favourite among them meddling Riverdale kids was always Jughead. ♥

It’s a little weird though that the Riverdale kids are now growing up and getting married. Funny how affected we all are about this. I guess we’re the last generation who really grew up with Archie. And all this talk about it makes me feel old.

Personally, I think Archie doesn’t deserve either of them after stringing them both along for so long. He’s not even good-looking.

IMO,  Betty & Veronica can both do so much better.

Much, much better. 😛