Neil Gaiman= ♥

just got back from the Neil Gaiman book signing at Rockwell.

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still in a somewhat euphoric state, so forgive my incoherence.

we got to Rockwell at around 9 in the morning. we thought that was pretty early as it is.

apparently not. there was this big ass line staring at us when we got out of the cab. some of these people were there since 5 am. o_0

was 135th in line (eep!). and despite signing an average of 3 items for the 134 people in front of me, he was still uber pleasant when i handed him my copy of Stardust.

love him just as much as i love his work now. haha. i’ve never been so fucking starstruck in my life.

i crush jo0!1oneone!!1!! neil and me. booyah! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *_*

pics thanks to noelle, btw. who, in our group of 10 (?) was the only one with a camera. ^__^

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This is what stars sound like

thisiswhatstarssoundlikemy entry for the Neil Gaiman art contest.

Yvaine, from “Stardust”.

i’d originally planned it to be a mosaic, but the only time i had to do it was the day before the deadline. eep.

done in water colour instead. except for the background, which is in poster paint.


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Coloured pencils on sketchpad paper. I was originally planning to ink and colour this but I like how it turned out this way.


This was supposed to be a full-colour, more comprehensive illustration of the first one but I suck at planning and I ran out of space. Haha. Coloured pencils, lined with ink on sketchpad paper.