Singapore 2015

This is only my second time in Singapore. The last time I was there, was for work. And I spent most of the week either manning my former company's booth at a trade show or at the office. It was nice to be in the city as a tourist and to do touristy things this time around. … Continue reading Singapore 2015


You Say Good-bye, I say Hanoi

I was on the fence when my mother asked me to be her travel buddy to Hanoi. I really didn't know that much about Vietnam, so I thought it would happen sometime maybe in the next year or two. Then my travel plans for mid-2014 fell through (that's twice now that my plans to visit … Continue reading You Say Good-bye, I say Hanoi

Siem Reap 2013 – Temples: Days 3 & 4

Our last two days in Seam Reap were spent visiting temples that are a ways away. With an hour at the least on the road, I can say my biggest accomplishment in Cambodia was mastering the art of napping on a moving tuktuk on a bumpy dirt road. On to the photos! As always, click … Continue reading Siem Reap 2013 – Temples: Days 3 & 4

Siem Reap 2013 – Temples: Days 1 & 2

Of course when one goes to Seam Reap, one must visit the temples, and we visited a total of thirteen during our stay. I am so, so thankful that I've upgraded to a (better) point and shoot that has optical zoom. There were just so many details that I wouldn't have been able to capture … Continue reading Siem Reap 2013 – Temples: Days 1 & 2

Seam Reap 2013 – The Basics

Scratched one more off the bucket list! The family and I took a little holiday last week and really, four days in Seam Reap isn't enough. I now understand why my friends keep coming back. I never got around to really blog about my Nepal trip two years ago, and I'm determined to it properly … Continue reading Seam Reap 2013 – The Basics

L’Arc~en~Ciel and Hongkong 2012!

So it's been almost a month since the concert and I am still not over it. Truthfully, I hadn't touched a Laruku record in years. The last album I listened to was SMILE, which came out in 2004. (Of course, I'm totally up to date now haha) But when my friends started talking about going … Continue reading L’Arc~en~Ciel and Hongkong 2012!

A Nepal Homecoming

Back in Manila for four days and I already feel so very homesick for Nepal. This has been a trip seventeen years in the making and now that it's over, I feel like I've left a huge part of me there. I always thought that this trip would get rid of its tug at my … Continue reading A Nepal Homecoming


People kept asking me if it was my first time in Thailand. I didn't know how to respond. No, it's not my first time in Thailand. Since there were no direct flights to Kathmandu from Manila, we used to take the last flight in to Bangkok, spend the night then take the first flight out … Continue reading Bangkok

Back from Singapore, lah!

The company I work for was having a trade booth at a conference in Singapore, and since I'm both a company and industry no0b, they decided to send me there for a couple of days. Anticipating the work, the conference, the meetings, and my terrible, terrible sense of direction I didn't expect to be sight-seeing … Continue reading Back from Singapore, lah!