Smash the Patriarchy II – To my younger self:

There was a post that was shared by several contacts on Facebook about how women should be modest in the way they dress because, and I quote, “Real men love their gift wrapped.” This made me so angry, I’m still seething three days after reading it. While this started as a rant to counter whatContinue reading “Smash the Patriarchy II – To my younger self:”

Smash the Patriarchy I – Gym Edition

A little disclaimer: While my boxing trainer’s a little sexist, I don’t think there’s any malicious intent in what he says; He just doesn’t know any better. I try to do what I can, as un-preachingly as possible. That being said, I felt incredibly proud of him earlier. A year ago, he might’ve said, “No, youContinue reading “Smash the Patriarchy I – Gym Edition”