I am back to work and the land of the living after 3 weeks of Dengue fever.

I hate you, Dengue. I had a shitload of things to do at work which had to be done by the officemates who equally had a shitload of things to do.

I was also in the middle of preparing a costume for Manila Comicon, which I barely finished. (Picture  here and group photo here)

This was the first time I’ve ever been confined in a hospital and I can’t say I enjoyed it. Days and days of doing nothing,  getting blood drawn every couple of hours, not bathing (!),  getting fed through an IV because I kept throwing up anything I ate were torture. My arms are still bruised from all the needles.

Oh, and did I mention the brother and I were both confined at the same time? Also for Dengue. I got the shorter end of the stick though since he was released 2 days earlier and did not need a plasma and platelet transfusion.

I wish I could say I at least lost some much needed weight for Comicon, but no. I was so deprived of food that the minute I could take solids, I gorged on cheeseburgers and made up for any weight lost during my confinement.

The only positive thing about it was the amount of love. The boyfriend, the dad and the mother spent most of their waking hours in the room with the brother and I.  And a lot of bedside visits from friends, family and the Singaporean boss who dropped in before his flight home.

I never, ever want to get dengue (or any other illness that requres me to check in to a hospital) ever again.

What the Fuckery

This blog was suspended last night due to violation of Terms of Service. And after a night of ranting on plurk, a panicked e-mail to and wondering what the hell I could have possibly done wrong to violate anything, I got my reply today:

moarwtfClick to full view screenshot of email.

I checked Last Airbender (which was where I got the photos), and they’ve also been asked by Paramount Pictures to remove the pictures.


I’m not going to defend re-posting the leaked pictures because they went all legal jargon on me (I’m allergic, doncha know), but this totally killed my buzz. They could have e-mailed me directly. Or left a message. Or a smoke signal.  Instead of having my blog suspended. Bureaucratic asshats.


Way to go, Paramount.

Katherine Heigl

I’m not really a chick-flick chick. “Love Actually” was the only one that didn’t have snorting and scoffing every 10 seconds, but I suspect it was mostly caused by Alan Rickman and the fact that he, Colin Firth, Emma Thompson, Rodrigo Santoro, Bill Nighy and Mr. Bean were all in the same film.

Last night, I watched, “27 Dresses” on Star Movies. Not only did it make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, it also suspended my cynicism towards marriage, if only for just 5 minutes.  The cause of my estrogen-frenzied evening? Katherine Heigl.


Somehow chick flicks don’t seem so ridiculous when she’s in them.  She’s smart and funny and so awesomely self-deprecating. Of course, the only other movie I’ve watched with her in it is, “Knocked Up”, so I don’t have a lot to compare with. Knocked Up was great, btw. And no, I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy.


crumpled_paper2I’m in such a bad slump, it’s not even funny anymore. To date, I’ve discarded 3 work-in-progress paintings, 1 oil pastel drawing and countless pencil concept sketches. Bleh. I torture myself by looking at other people’s online art-dumps and feel sorry for myself. /wrist. It’s Friday, I hope the weekend will be nice to me and let me get something good done.

Hullo, WordPress.

Okay, I give up. Hullo, WordPress. I’ve moved my blog here. I was going to look for a free webhost so I could to the wordpress  as a CMS  thing, but meh. Since I’m employed (and plan to be for a long time) I realised I don’t really need a super-serious online portfolio. I just wanted somewhere to combine my blog and artdump in one place.

So yay for wordpress.

The Illustration, Photos and Graphics pages are up and running.

So Long & Thanks For All the Fish!

I’d say it’s a pretty good weekend when you spend it swimming with dolphins. The family trooped out to Ocean Adventure in Subic last Friday before my Uncle went back to the States.

It’s a pretty nice place. Like all theme parks, everything’s insanely expensive, but the place was clean and the Park staff were really nice.

And of course, the dolphins!

dolphin1 Continue reading So Long & Thanks For All the Fish!

Boot Weather

The view from my office window:

The clouds! They’re eating the buildings! I feel like I’m in, “Howl’s Moving Castle” or, “The Neverending Story” where the shadows/darkness start taking over the world.

I love the weather though, since I have the misfortune of falling in love with shoes that aren’t meant for the tropics. Today’s just so drizzly and gray, it’s perfect for my mid-calf canvas boots.

This would make it the 3rd time I’ve worn these shoes since I bought them at that Korean retail surplus store 2 months ago. Technically, not an ukay-ukay find, but the 300php price tag puts them under that category.

Reasons why they’re made of awesome:

  • sneaker-type soles = comfy
  • suede and buckle detail
  • fleece lining
  • purple skulls & crossbones print 😀

If I’m going to be in a children’s fantasy novel, at least my feet look the part haha.


Over the past couple of months I’ve been dreaming of the zombie apocalypse. Sometimes it’s the beginning, where the zombies have just emerged from their graves, or when the rage virus has just started spreading and I’m flailing for survival. Sometimes it’s post-apocalypse, where the zombies have already taken over the world and I’m in a bomb-shelter reloading shotguns with Tom Cruise.

Sometimes, I’m being chased by lightning-fast zombie babies.

Now, I’m not the horror film type. I’m not the horror-survival film type. The only zombie movie I loved and paid attention to was “28 Days Later“, which I only watched because Cillian Murphy was hot sex in it, so I have no idea where all these dreams are coming from.

According to the dream symbol translation thingy over at Dream Moods:

To see or dream that you are a zombie, suggests that you are physically and/or emotionally detached from people and situations that are currently surrounding you. You are feeling out of touch. Alternatively, it may indicate that you are feeling dead inside and are simply going through the motions of daily living

Oh, how emo. I cry nao. /wrist.