Gab, Currently VII



Well, no. Not really. Not at all, actually, since I spent the weekend wiping out and suffering from all manner of body aches and pains — The unfortunate combination of five months without surf, three months without going to the gym, and a fun board I was still (and still am) getting accustomed to even before my forced hiatus.

Regardless, I was ecstatic to have been back at Crystal with the surf fam again after such a long absence. Being away for that long doesn’t do a body good.



I’ve lost momentum with most of the shows I used to follow religiously, except for Downton Abbey, Jessica Jones, and the Man in the High Castle.

Downton Abbey is mostly over, just waiting for the Christmas Special. My Christmas will be dedicated to the Downton and Sherlock specials haha.


Jessica Jones –  I binged in a week and it’s so intense. This is the first time in a long time that violence on a show made me a little squeamish. Also, because all rapists need to have their balls removed without anaesthesia. The ending was a bit anti-climactic, but overall, Marvel is just killing it with their Netflix shows.


The Man in the High Castle – I’m only up to episode three, but I’m really enjoying it. It’s a great what-if; What if the Allied Forces lost World War II? What if the US was Nazi and Japanese territory?

And come on, it’s Rufus Sewell and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa doing what they do best.


Look at this Thor cover. JUST LOOK AT IT

I don’t think I’d be enjoying femme!Thor as much as I have it wasn’t Jason Aaron writing it. I really loved his Thor: God of Thunder run and since he already revealed pre-Secret Wars how All-Father Thor got his arm, I’m excited to see where else femme!Thor will match up with it.


Because I have a talent for picking the saddest ships in a given fandom, I made a WolfStar playlist. Let’s be sad and happy at the same time together lol.

01. Black Dog – Led Zepplin | 02. The Wolf – Mumford & Sons |  03. When You Were Young – The Killers | 04. Take Me to Church – Hozier | 05. HowlFlorence + the Machine | 06. Hounds of Love – Kate Bush | 07. Without You, I’m Nothing – Placebo feat. David Bowie |  08. I Miss You – Incubus

Listen: 8tracks | Spotify

Christmas Wishlist 2015

With Halloween over, I am free to think about Christmas and all the things I’d buy for myself in one go if I had the money to.


1. The Encyclopaedia of Goddesses and Heroines


I saw this book in the Takashimaya Kinokuniya at Orchard Road two months ago but didn’t buy it because I had neither the 50SGD to spend on it, or the luggage space to bring it home. It has been haunting me ever since.

2.  40L Hiking Backpack


I’d been using my brother’s Coleman hiking backpack for over ten years now and climbed seven mountains with it (including Mount Pulag!) but as I was packing for my last trip I noticed it needed to be retired soon. I was thinking of getting a small wheeled suitcase, but with the kind of travelling I do, a backpack would be a better choice.

Nothing under 40L but needs to still fit an overhead bin. Internal frame and padded hip belt are non-negotiables, and it wouldn’t hurt if it came in a cute colour scheme like this one I found online. XD

3. A New External Hard Drive. 


I really thought 1TB was a lot of space. Until I started filling it up. Haha! I really need a new 1TB (or more?) one soon.

4. Lipstick! 


I have close to 10 lipsticks in the same shade of hooker-red in various finishes and while I will always love a retro pin-up lip, I need a little variety. I need Jeffree Star’s Weirdo and LA Splash’s Sirius in my life.

5. Leopard Print Cigarette Pants


To go with my leopard peep toe wedges. Duh.

Gab, Currently VI



It’s been a pretty anxiety-inducing week or so. I mostly just want to hide under the blankets all day errday, but A) The weather’s too warm for that, B) Adulting.


Because I work on Eastern Standard Time, I am usually working when Halloween falls on a weeknight. Halloween this year was on a Saturday! Which meant I could go out and watch some friends play a gig and dress up! YAY!

I was going back and forth about what to wear. It was originally supposed to be a Steampunk aviator, then it was Slytherin student, until I finally settled on the extraordinary Frida Kahlo.

“I hope the leaving is joyful; and I hope never to return.” — Frida Kahlo

I loved dressing up as Frida because it’s probably the most comfortable costume I’ve ever worn and everything I needed (with the exception of a couple of my mother’s bangles and fabric roses), I already owned.


I’m particularly proud of how I did my hair. Since my hair’s pretty short still, braiding a scarf into it gave it the volume I needed. Pity it didn’t show up well in photographs.




“As a girl, I did not know what I wanted to do, but I knew the kind of woman I wanted to be. I wanted to be my own person, independent and free. I knew that freedom could only be achieved if I took responsibility for myself and my actions, if I were true to truth, if I became my very best friend.” – Diane von Fürstenburg

I want her to be my ninang haha! 😀

Gab, Currently V

My trip last month made me lose all momentum in blogging semi-regularly again. Even my posts on the trip and the con feel very forced. Here’s hoping I can can get back into it, because it’s been therapeutic.


I haven’t really painted, or drawn anything in a while. I just haven’t had the heart for it, for reasons I’d rather not talk about publicly. Suffice it to say, I’m salty as fuck.


I bought this blank Unicorno that was I was super excited to work on but it’s now in art project limbo.


I figure I’d take a little break from, “art”, and when I finally start missing it is when I’ll go back to it.


Or read, rather. Because I finished it in two days. I want to love it, but Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer was just okay.  The main problem I have is that Magnus sounds almost exactly like Percy so it doesn’t feel like you’re reading a new series. It feels like a new Olympians book with different names. Of course, I understand I’m a good 15 – 20 years older than his target audience, but he managed to differentiate his character POV voice in the Kane Chronicles (as contrived as Sadie’s British accent was), so why couldn’t he do that here?

I’d still read the next books though haha!

Wonderful Treasure Find:

Totally the stealing the term from EatYourKimchi, but how else can I describe this shirt I found in a bazaar:


Such a dapper goat. If anything, it’s just a pity I can’t wear it with high-waisted pants because it’ll hide his very dapper outfit. 😛


At thirty years old, I am finally a registered voter. Or I will be, since apparently I’ve only submitted my registration to vote, which will go through a hearing in a few months, after which I will officially be a registered voter.


What a bureaucratic nightmare.

I made an appointment online for 8am. Got there at 7:30am (just in case) and was asked to fall in line with everyone else regardless of whether I have an appointment or not. At 9:30, a guy went around to herd us online appointments to the priority queue, where it took another hour for me to get my biometrics taken. I was out of the office just a little before 11am. Good lord.

At first I was all, yeah, I’m from UP, I know how to queue. But fuck, if I wanted to give up just 30 minutes into the wait.

So yeah. Civic duty and all that. Now I actually have to pay attention to current events instead of actively avoiding it.

Gab, Currently IV:



Going to Singapore tomorrow for Singapore Toy, Game, & Comic Con (and other things)! Friends have been nagging me to join them every year and I never do and every year I regret it. So fucking finally!

I usually pride myself on being a light packer, but bringing a costume on a trip is testing me. The costume itself is fine, but the shoes, and the wig, and the make-up.

God, the make-up.

I’ve never brought this much make-up and acoutrements on a trip before. I’ve tried three backpacks of varying sizes and one soft luggage and none of them fit my stuff, cosplay shit + space for shopping.

I’m pretty excited to go back to Singapore, especially as a tourist! It’ll be nice to see more of the city aside from office and trade show booth I basically lived in the last time I was there.


I was whinging about how much I miss FreakAngels, so Noelle suggested I check out, “They’re Not Like Us.”

Yung eksenang first page pa lang, ang sakit na. </3

Really liking it so far. It’s about a group of young’uns with various telekinetic powers. Not quite X-men, but a little like non-apocalyptic FreakAngels.

Wow, that is an amazing sypnosis. how do u words



I missed training for two months; I kept getting sick in July, and was cramming paintings all August and just didn’t have the energy. It really should be no surprise that I’ve gained four pounds, especially when I can feel my stomach rolls when I’m slouched on a chair or feel the beginnings of a double chin when I look down.

Allow me a moment of vanity when I say this concerns me because I’m about to cosplay at an overseas con and feel a tad insecure. Hahahahaha!

Not only have I gained four pounds of fat, I have also lost muscle strength and what little endurance I’ve managed to gain. I didn’t get to finish my weights routine, had to sit out my last two rounds of mitt work, and basically faked my way through the circuit drills.

Dear Universe, please don’t let me miss training for this long again. My metabolism can’t handle it anymore.

Gab, Currently III:



Bull In The Heather, the titular song by Sonic Youth, and so named after a real Kentucky derby horse, is poised for this exhibit as a metaphorical open source to the myriad readings on power dynamics, value, labor, craft, functionalism, mysticism, primal instincts, spectatorship, and performance, especially set on the strength and idiosyncratic vision of the artists involved, as to be an artist requires a considerable degree of conviction as headstrong as a prized race horse. The song, with the exhibit not entirely being about it and for it, serves as a prompt as well as to embody the fervor and attitude of an inter-generational discourse pop savvy on such issues. We are after all molded by the music we listen to, the films and TV programs we watch, the books we read, where we mine mostly the meaning of our existence, gleaning from the troubled and awkward age of our first awakening.

“Time to tell your love story “. For this exhibit it, is a love story as an op-ed confessional, broadly expressed as dainty wispy pen strokes of biomorphic expulsions , as sensuous lines streaming into rivulets of mane and waves of nymphs, as finely cut embroidered appliques of pre-pubescent girls, as dense as a rubber tires bound by netted lace, as vivid splashes of purple and tangerine on writhing bound bodies, or as brash as a glittered banner extolling anatomical proprietorship.
We thus embolden you to take on this exhibit as a Trojan gift horse to be looked on in its mouth, its ears, its teeth, its full form, inside and out, lest it gallops away with all your bets, for this art show will be gone, too soon.

I’m privileged to be a part of Bull in the Heather, an all-woman exhibit that opens on the 29th of August at the Art Center in SM Megamall. Join us for the opening at 6pm! 🙂 The show will run until September 10th.

Feeling Relieved:


I finally finished my last piece for the upcoming exhibit and I feel so light. I’ve mostly been on self-imposed house arrest to finish on time. Now that I’m done, I can allow myself to be excited for the exhibit. I gave up surfing last weekend for this!


I’m also excited to get back to the gym because I haven’t been at all this past month, plus I’ve been eating a lot McDs and instant ramen so I feel like a whale.



To aid in my Steven Universe withdrawal, I bought Attack the Light on the app store. (Also because the price went down from $2.99 to $0.99.)

While I’ve played a couple of RPGs in my day, this is my first turn-based one. It’s also my first non-casual game that isn’t on the DS, so I’m still getting used to the touch screen. Fat fingers and touch screens are never a good combination, particularly when the attacks rely heavily on timing.

The characters are voices by the same actors who voice them on the show which is awesome. It’s both really adorable and frustrating, because like Steven, I get stressed when the Gems poof ha-ha!

Just Singin’, Singin’ in the Rain:


I’ve got a trip coming up next month, so I’ve been on a pretty tight budget. I’d resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be able afford to watch Singin’ in the Rain while it was in Manila. Lucky me, my fairy godmother of an Aunt asked me to be her date for the opening gala! ❤

It was awesome and just so much fun! I hadn’t seen the Gene Kelly movie since I was a kid, so the songs were a nostalgia bomb. Taryn-Lee Hudson, who plays Lena Lamont completely stole show.

It’s been a pretty good week, and I really hope this keeps up. After being sick on and off for almost a month, I could use more good weeks. 🙂

WIP it good

My labyrinthitis-induced vertigo finally subsided enough for me to get back to painting. Just in time too, exhibit ingress is just around the corner and I may or may not be in a constant state of panic.

I’m tired, and stressed, and all my insecurities are out to play, but I also never feel as good about myself as when I’m painting. The working noises in my brain hush the other noises that usually never shut up.


I thought I was finished with this piece, but something still feels off so I’ll probably be working on it some more tomorrow after work.  One more (mostly) done, and one last piece to go!

Gab, Currently II:

Missing Sims Social.


I really miss Sims Social. Not so much when it became complicated and you had to maintain a penthouse aside from your original house, but I miss its earlier days. I’m trying to find a better screencap where my house looked better, but I either didn’t tag it on tumblr, or they were on my livejournal account that I deleted ha-ha!

I’ve been playing Line Play, but it’s just not the same. I could go back to playing ACNL, but I get too emotionally attached to the villagers.

Feeling Nauseous.


Last Monday, in what seems to be the latest in a long list of ailments that have been plaguing me since my birthday, I was diagnosed with Labyrinthitis. I’ve been spending the past week nauseated and/or with vertigo. Fun. Only plus is it makes me think about Jim Henson muppets and David Bowie a lot.

No, that’s not really a plus. I just want it to go away.

Craving the sea!


Labyrinthitis has delayed the completion of the last two paintings I need to get done, so I don’t know when I’m going to be able to squeeze a weekend trip in. I haven’t been all July, and it looks like August will pass without, too.

My only comfort is it’s been pretty flat in Zambales lately.

(Re)reading Percy.

I’m sick, so I’ve been reading the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series again. Here’s some pretty awesome animation by ilyone if the books were an anime series .

TL;DR Everything’s been very frustrating.

Gab, Currently:


Feeling Lousy.

In between my annual allergy cough, and on-again-off-again fever, everything’s just bleh. The last couple of times I actually left the house to go to the gym and a friend’s exhibit opening, I’ve needed a full day to recover. Bleh. Bleh. Bleh. My body needs to get it together asap.


(Still) Working on exhibit pieces.

It is taking every ounce of my discipline and patience to keep myself working on paintings when I’m not working my actual job that pays the bills. Only two more to go and one month to finish them in. Yay, me?


Binging Steven Universe.

I’ve been watching this on cable for a while now, but they keep airing it out of order, or the same few episodes over and over so my brother and I have been binge-watching it.

If you aren’t watching Steven Universe yet, you totally should. I haven’t been this into a cartoon series since my Ben10 phase. It’s wonderfully written and animated. I especially enjoy the score and the music, which I never really did with the other shows on Cartoon Network’s current line-up. It’s smart, and really subversive, but it reminds me I have a heart and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I love the moms equally, but I have a special place in my heart for Square Mom’s tender moments with Steven.

What’s In My Bag II

When I’m bored, I like to do what’s-in-my-bag things. Mostly because in real life, I’m nosy and like going through friends’ handbags.


  1. #TitasofManila bag.
  2. Captain America Holder + Hand sanitizer from Watson’s. This originally held hand soap, but I’m a germaphobe who needs to sanitise her hands every 5 mins so I changed it out.
  3. Folding Umbrella from idk where.
  4. Business Card Case that was a freebie from a pharmaceutical company.
  5. Sunglasses and Case from H&M. I had to get it because the print was so pretty!
  6. Housekeys. My aunt got me this adorable silicone kitty key pouch for Christmas. I haven’t forgotten my keys since I got it.
  7. iPhone 6. I used to also always have a 3rd generation iPod nano with me, but since I got Spotify Premium, I don’t use it anymore except for long plane or road trips.
  8. Coin purse from Daiso. It used to be silver with a crocodile pattern and it’s not anymore. I really need to get a new one.
  9. Wallet from a deal website. It’s cute. It’s pink and has a gold crown hee~
  10. Minnie Mouse Bag Organiser. The contents of which are below.


  1. Marvel Citronella Patches. A friend gave us a pack of these each during a beach trip a few months ago. I’m down to my last four. I’ve only got Cap, Thor, Storm, and Jean Grey left.
  2. Hello Kitty Blotting Paper from Daiso. I love Daiso. We should just get that out of the way right now.
  3. In-ears that came with my phone.
  4. Powder Chiffon Foundation from Daiso. Despite how cheap this is, it’s one of my favourite compacts. It’s sheer enough for everyday, but pretty good coverage and matches my skin tone perfectly.
  5. Born Lippy from Body Shop in Watermelon.
  6. Maneki Neko Pen from Kyoto. Not that I’ve been to Kyoto, it was a souvenir from the same aunt who gave my the key pouch.
  7. Lip and Cheek Stain from Etude House . I usually only need to retouch powder for oiliness, but I keep this in the bag for emergencies lol.
  8. Tampon. Again, for emergencies.
  9. Flash Drive. For pr0n. Not really. (Or it it?)
  10. Tissue.
  11. Bioré Powder Sheets. THESE ARE SO AWESOME. I thought they were just ordinary wet wipes, but they leave a really matte, powdery finish on your skin and smell like berries~<3
  12. Small plastic bag for the umbrella.


Bonus: I love my phone case. Friends bought it for me during their trip to Universal Studios Japan. :3

Whoops: I forgot to include my cigs and the poor excuse for a comb that I never use (it came with a hotel’s toiletry kit haha) in the photos.

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