Orbit 360 Kickstarter Video Shoot

A few months ago (idek when anymore. July-ish?) I did hair and makeup for a video for the Orbit 360 Kickstarter. TBH, I hesitated a lot when Tin and Iñigo asked me if I was available. I felt unqualified and out of my depth, but I’m glad they talked me into it. This gig marked two firstsContinue reading “Orbit 360 Kickstarter Video Shoot”

Picket Lines

2015 seems to be the year for closure with unfinished projects. Three years ago, I was invited by Kooky Tuason and Marty Tenco to be one of the make-up artists for a coffee table book that celebrated women and poetry. Working with the professional make-up artists I was paired with for the shoots, it still amazes me thatContinue reading “Picket Lines”

Engagement & Bridal: Marnelli & Michael

Honestly, Bridal make-up was the last thing I wanted to do. So much pressure with bridal. Engagement shoots can be retouched or saved by good lighting, but bridal make-up has to look good from all angles in any light. However, I also could not say no to Marnelli, who was less nervous than I wasContinue reading “Engagement & Bridal: Marnelli & Michael”

Engagement Shoot: Hazel & Jan Rey

My first engagement shoot, yay! Natural make up scares me so much. I never know if I’m doing too much or too little but I like how it turned out. 🙂 This shoot just had two set-ups: Mario and Luigi in the nearby park, and Babydoll and Blue from Suckerpunch at Jan Rey’s old apartment complexContinue reading “Engagement Shoot: Hazel & Jan Rey”

Steampunk-y PsykoBelles

Last Saturday, Pallon and I did a shoot to showcase the tattoos by Ram Marual of Psyko Studio Tattoos. I’ve always wanted to do a Steampunk shoot and lord knows I like my tattooed ladies so this was somewhat of a pet project for me. While it’s not completely Steampunk (it’s hard to do the wholeContinue reading “Steampunk-y PsykoBelles”

Kimonos, Patterns, and Origami

This is the first shoot I’ve done with Pallon where I didn’t style or do hair and make-up haha! On Photo: Monique Dimanlig Photography, Concept, Art Direction: Katrina Pallon Lights/ Production Team:  Gabrielle Lopez , Camsy Ocumen, and Kevin Toledo Monique is well-known in the local convention circuit for cosplaying various Geiko and Maiko andContinue reading “Kimonos, Patterns, and Origami”

Dia de los Muertos

A Dia delos Muertos-themed shoot inspired by the paintings of Frida Kahlo. On Photos: Pola Castillo and Gabrielle Lopez Photography, Concept, Art Direction: Katrina Pallon Make-up and Styling: Gabrielle Lopez and Katrina Pallon Corsets by Pola Castillo This is probably my favourite shoot so far. I had so much fun with the make-up, even if symmetryContinue reading “Dia de los Muertos”

Tim Burton Photoseries

I am a big Tim Burton fan. So when Pallon asked me to help out on her latest shoot — a stylized recreation of scenes from our favourite Tim Burton films– I was stoked. These photos are the product of a little over two months’ worth of love, sweat, and weekends. It also marks one of theContinue reading “Tim Burton Photoseries”

Portraits of a Dauphine

MODEL: Trixee Ibañez CONCEPT & SET DESIGN: Katrina Pallon & Myka Francisco PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART DIRECTION: Katrina Pallon HAIR, MAKE-UP AND STYLING: Gabrielle Lopez LOCATION: Ocumen residence I spent the last Independence Day weekend helping Pallon out on her latest shoot. Which was, in her words: A series of photographs intended to pay homage toContinue reading “Portraits of a Dauphine”