Orbit 360 Kickstarter Video Shoot

A few months ago (idek when anymore. July-ish?) I did hair and makeup for a video for the Orbit 360 Kickstarter. TBH, I hesitated a lot when Tin and Iñigo asked me if I was available. I felt unqualified and out of my depth, but I'm glad they talked me into it. This gig marked two firsts … Continue reading Orbit 360 Kickstarter Video Shoot


Picket Lines

2015 seems to be the year for closure with unfinished projects. Three years ago, I was invited by Kooky Tuason and Marty Tenco to be one of the make-up artists for a coffee table book that celebrated women and poetry. Working with the professional make-up artists I was paired with for the shoots, it still amazes me that … Continue reading Picket Lines

Engagement & Bridal: Marnelli & Michael

Honestly, Bridal make-up was the last thing I wanted to do. So much pressure with bridal. Engagement shoots can be retouched or saved by good lighting, but bridal make-up has to look good from all angles in any light. However, I also could not say no to Marnelli, who was less nervous than I was … Continue reading Engagement & Bridal: Marnelli & Michael

Engagement Shoot: Hazel & Jan Rey

My first engagement shoot, yay! Natural make up scares me so much. I never know if I'm doing too much or too little but I like how it turned out. 🙂 This shoot just had two set-ups: Mario and Luigi in the nearby park, and Babydoll and Blue from Suckerpunch at Jan Rey's old apartment complex … Continue reading Engagement Shoot: Hazel & Jan Rey

Steampunk-y PsykoBelles

Last Saturday, Pallon and I did a shoot to showcase the tattoos by Ram Marual of Psyko Studio Tattoos. I've always wanted to do a Steampunk shoot and lord knows I like my tattooed ladies so this was somewhat of a pet project for me. While it's not completely Steampunk (it's hard to do the whole … Continue reading Steampunk-y PsykoBelles

Kimonos, Patterns, and Origami

This is the first shoot I've done with Pallon where I didn't style or do hair and make-up haha! On Photo: Monique Dimanlig Photography, Concept, Art Direction: Katrina Pallon Lights/ Production Team:  Gabrielle Lopez , Camsy Ocumen, and Kevin Toledo Monique is well-known in the local convention circuit for cosplaying various Geiko and Maiko and … Continue reading Kimonos, Patterns, and Origami

Dia de los Muertos

A Dia delos Muertos-themed shoot inspired by the paintings of Frida Kahlo. On Photos: Pola Castillo and Gabrielle Lopez Photography, Concept, Art Direction: Katrina Pallon Make-up and Styling: Gabrielle Lopez and Katrina Pallon Corsets by Pola Castillo This is probably my favourite shoot so far. I had so much fun with the make-up, even if symmetry … Continue reading Dia de los Muertos

Tim Burton Photoseries

I am a big Tim Burton fan. So when Pallon asked me to help out on her latest shoot -- a stylized recreation of scenes from our favourite Tim Burton films-- I was stoked. These photos are the product of a little over two months' worth of love, sweat, and weekends. It also marks one of the … Continue reading Tim Burton Photoseries

Portraits of a Dauphine

MODEL: Trixee Ibañez CONCEPT & SET DESIGN: Katrina Pallon & Myka Francisco PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART DIRECTION: Katrina Pallon HAIR, MAKE-UP AND STYLING: Gabrielle Lopez LOCATION: Ocumen residence I spent the last Independence Day weekend helping Pallon out on her latest shoot. Which was, in her words: A series of photographs intended to pay homage to … Continue reading Portraits of a Dauphine


Concept, Photography and Art Direction: Katrina Pallon Make-up and Styling: Gabrielle Lopez Locations: Pallon’s Room Model: Caren Mangaran