Finally got around to drawing a Ringmaster for my litttle circus.

Again, full-view’s a bit blurry. No scanner, so that’s a crappy camera phone pic, parchment  texture by ~teeth-man added in photoshop.

Watercolour, watercolour pencils and ink on paper.

Watercolour, inked with techpens.


Really bad picture of this. Had to fix it up a lot in photoshop. The original looks better, I swear. Watercolour, watercolour pencils and ink. This was my self-portrait  for the LUNAROCK exhibit. Watercolour, watercolour pencils and ink.

Carnavale: Mermaid

I wanted to draw more Circus performers, but I couldn’t get anything decent done aside from the 2 trapeze artists I did before. So, I’m deviating a little.

Truth is, I just really wanted to draw a mermaid in an afro.

watercolour, coloured pencils, and techpens on water colour paper.  (better title to come, once i think of something)


My christmas gift to my aunt/godmother.

she’s a big Klimt fan, so i thought i’d make her something Klimt-inspired. she’s also an obstetrician-gynecologist hence the mother-and-child theme. haha.

Crappy camera-phone pic,so the colours aren’t as vibrant as they’re supposed to be.

Watercolour and gold acrylic on watercolour paper, outlined with ink.

Oil Pastel

Self Defense

A quasi-self portrait i did for a class last semester. I screwed up the veins and arteries a bit, but that’s what you get when you cram a plate the night before the deadline.

oil pastel and poster paint on vellum.


Canson was 60% off so I bought a sketchpad for pastels even though I haven’t used them in forever.

This is me proving to myself that, yes, I am terribly out of practice so I call this a study in colour.


Please click thumbnail to full view

Coloured pencils on sketchpad paper. I was originally planning to ink and colour this but I like how it turned out this way.


This was supposed to be a full-colour, more comprehensive illustration of the first one but I suck at planning and I ran out of space. Haha. Coloured pencils, lined with ink on sketchpad paper.