But paints and WIPs excite me

Finally got out of that funk I’ve been in for the past year and am painting again, yay! In an effort to update more often, here’s what I’ve been up to the past couple of days.


Got off to a rocky start because just as I’d finished the lineart, I realised that I had forgotten to stretch my paper. I hadn’t used watercolour in years, you see, and it completely slipped my mind. Pallon suggested stretching a new sheet and using carbon paper to re-do it but I didn’t have the heart for it. This was already a re-do as the original was on regular sketchpad paper and I don’t think I have it in me to draw this fucking mermaid a third fucking time.

Skelly love. ❤

I did a really wet test on some scrap and found that it didn’t warp too much once it dried, so instead of risking stretching the paper with the lineart, I decided to start painting.

Watercolour’s scary, and it’s scarier when you’re out of practice. You make a mistake with acrylic, you just cover it up with more paint. Watercolour’s a touch move haha!


Anyway, my day job beckons. Looking forward to finishing this over the weekend.

If the moon smiled, she would resemble you…

Whenever I’m feeling particularly bleh, I like to rebrand my online presence. When you’re designing for clients five days a week, it’s good to do something for yourself.

I’ve been playing around with a new personal logo for a while now but it didn’t really come together until I started working on the clouds and sky for the blog banner. I went with something far simpler and cleaner this time and just a little art deco-inspired.

I’m aware the constellation positions aren’t accurate, I had to go with what filled the space (ha, space!) well.

Logo, Business card, Blog header, Resume. Click to full view.

Obviously, I’m pretty pleased with myself but I’m already dreading the day I get tired of it. My sugar skull and black-and-white circle logo lasted about three years each (not counting the occasional tweak), so let’s see how this goes, yeah? 😛

[ETA 6/12/2016:]

So I’m already sick of the logo. Just the logo, mind. I’m still in love with my mahou shoujo-meets-Steven Universe pink clouds ~aesthetic~. What was meant to be a “dumbed down” version of the logo for the blog’s gravatar started growing on me, so I’ve decided to switch to it. It’s simpler, yes, but it doesn’t look horrible scaled down like the original.


“If the moon smiled, she would resemble you.
You leave the same impression
Of something beautiful, but annihilating.”

Bull In The Heather


This post is two months late haha! I had a lot of anxiety re: the opening because there was this massive rally that crippled EDSA, specifically around Megamall.

I was surprised a lot of friends made it despite the chaos. I seriously was just expecting the other artists haha!

I will admit, it does feel like quite the feather in my cap to have exhibited at Megamall. 😛

Class Photo

Our curator was nice enough to let me include Tsugomori in the exhibit since it was unexhibited, so I used it as a jump-off point for the new pieces.

As usual, click to full view and to see titles, details, etc.

With the exception of Tsugomori, all the other paintings have been inspired in some way by names of famous race horses.

Which I totally just got off Wikipedia, not like I know shit about racehorses haha!

Gab, Currently III:



Bull In The Heather, the titular song by Sonic Youth, and so named after a real Kentucky derby horse, is poised for this exhibit as a metaphorical open source to the myriad readings on power dynamics, value, labor, craft, functionalism, mysticism, primal instincts, spectatorship, and performance, especially set on the strength and idiosyncratic vision of the artists involved, as to be an artist requires a considerable degree of conviction as headstrong as a prized race horse. The song, with the exhibit not entirely being about it and for it, serves as a prompt as well as to embody the fervor and attitude of an inter-generational discourse pop savvy on such issues. We are after all molded by the music we listen to, the films and TV programs we watch, the books we read, where we mine mostly the meaning of our existence, gleaning from the troubled and awkward age of our first awakening.

“Time to tell your love story “. For this exhibit it, is a love story as an op-ed confessional, broadly expressed as dainty wispy pen strokes of biomorphic expulsions , as sensuous lines streaming into rivulets of mane and waves of nymphs, as finely cut embroidered appliques of pre-pubescent girls, as dense as a rubber tires bound by netted lace, as vivid splashes of purple and tangerine on writhing bound bodies, or as brash as a glittered banner extolling anatomical proprietorship.
We thus embolden you to take on this exhibit as a Trojan gift horse to be looked on in its mouth, its ears, its teeth, its full form, inside and out, lest it gallops away with all your bets, for this art show will be gone, too soon.

I’m privileged to be a part of Bull in the Heather, an all-woman exhibit that opens on the 29th of August at the Art Center in SM Megamall. Join us for the opening at 6pm! 🙂 The show will run until September 10th.

Feeling Relieved:


I finally finished my last piece for the upcoming exhibit and I feel so light. I’ve mostly been on self-imposed house arrest to finish on time. Now that I’m done, I can allow myself to be excited for the exhibit. I gave up surfing last weekend for this!


I’m also excited to get back to the gym because I haven’t been at all this past month, plus I’ve been eating a lot McDs and instant ramen so I feel like a whale.



To aid in my Steven Universe withdrawal, I bought Attack the Light on the app store. (Also because the price went down from $2.99 to $0.99.)

While I’ve played a couple of RPGs in my day, this is my first turn-based one. It’s also my first non-casual game that isn’t on the DS, so I’m still getting used to the touch screen. Fat fingers and touch screens are never a good combination, particularly when the attacks rely heavily on timing.

The characters are voices by the same actors who voice them on the show which is awesome. It’s both really adorable and frustrating, because like Steven, I get stressed when the Gems poof ha-ha!

Just Singin’, Singin’ in the Rain:


I’ve got a trip coming up next month, so I’ve been on a pretty tight budget. I’d resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t be able afford to watch Singin’ in the Rain while it was in Manila. Lucky me, my fairy godmother of an Aunt asked me to be her date for the opening gala! ❤

It was awesome and just so much fun! I hadn’t seen the Gene Kelly movie since I was a kid, so the songs were a nostalgia bomb. Taryn-Lee Hudson, who plays Lena Lamont completely stole show.

It’s been a pretty good week, and I really hope this keeps up. After being sick on and off for almost a month, I could use more good weeks. 🙂

WIP it good

My labyrinthitis-induced vertigo finally subsided enough for me to get back to painting. Just in time too, exhibit ingress is just around the corner and I may or may not be in a constant state of panic.

I’m tired, and stressed, and all my insecurities are out to play, but I also never feel as good about myself as when I’m painting. The working noises in my brain hush the other noises that usually never shut up.


I thought I was finished with this piece, but something still feels off so I’ll probably be working on it some more tomorrow after work.  One more (mostly) done, and one last piece to go!

Gab, Currently:


Feeling Lousy.

In between my annual allergy cough, and on-again-off-again fever, everything’s just bleh. The last couple of times I actually left the house to go to the gym and a friend’s exhibit opening, I’ve needed a full day to recover. Bleh. Bleh. Bleh. My body needs to get it together asap.


(Still) Working on exhibit pieces.

It is taking every ounce of my discipline and patience to keep myself working on paintings when I’m not working my actual job that pays the bills. Only two more to go and one month to finish them in. Yay, me?


Binging Steven Universe.

I’ve been watching this on cable for a while now, but they keep airing it out of order, or the same few episodes over and over so my brother and I have been binge-watching it.

If you aren’t watching Steven Universe yet, you totally should. I haven’t been this into a cartoon series since my Ben10 phase. It’s wonderfully written and animated. I especially enjoy the score and the music, which I never really did with the other shows on Cartoon Network’s current line-up. It’s smart, and really subversive, but it reminds me I have a heart and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I love the moms equally, but I have a special place in my heart for Square Mom’s tender moments with Steven.

Be Found Working! (+ WIPs)

Last night had me rushing to submit requirements for the August group show I’m a part of and it hit me that I only have about a month and half left to finish three more paintings.

As usual, I will be painting til the eleventh hour.


I really wish I could be one of those people who work at a steady pace instead of alternating weeks of sloth and days of manic frenzy. Part of it is, that I am a recovering lazy ass. Deep down inside I am lazy AF and constantly fighting it.

I always used to say that I was just waiting for inspiration, but a while back, Pallon gave me a proverbial slap on the wrist with this Picasso quote:

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. 

While I’m trying to take that to heart this time around (I have a ruined wood panel to prove it!), I am (obviously) still finding it difficult.




Right now I am nursing a cold, and a cough, and a slight on-again-off-again fever, which only really adds to my sloth, but hear me, internets! Next week, I will be focused and I will finish these paintings by the second week of the August.

so let it be written so let it be done

I Dun Goofed

Finally got off my ass to start on paintings for a group show in a few months. Started out okay. Then I fucked up and I’m really bummed about it and I can’t really concentrate on anything else.




I was trying out something different, but it didn’t work out (obviously). I’d post a photo of what I have so far, but it’s just a lot of ick.

Oh, well. I’ll get it right eventually. Don’t stop believing.


Photo on 2-15-15 at 10.05 PM #4

I usually try to finish paintings in one or two sittings. This piece is a prime example of why I should not paint leisurely. I started this painting in September.

I had a few days off from work at the time so I thought I’d spend it being productive. Thought I’d try to take things slowly and more carefully, but I eventually ran out of holiday without finishing it. After abandoning it for months, I finally finished it Monday morning.

Tsugomori [晦], 2015,  2.6′ x 4′, acrylic on wood.
As per usual, metallic paint is a such a bitch to photograph.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have primed the background immediately after I drew the outline of the circle in the center. I think it would have turned out better with just the natural woodgrain outside the circle. Oh well. Too late now.  This painting and I have closure and I can finally move on. I have 6 new wood panels that have been calling my name, after all.


I know I have this tendency to be lazy and to get stuck in my head, so the Universe decided to send me a little reminder when I was re-reading Daytripper over the weekend:

“Wake up, before it’s too late.”

Life Update: Productivity Edition

While I’m ignoring this blog, and continue to fall into this downward spiral of hermit-hood, I am surprisingly getting shit done! Hooray!

After two, three years of being fat and lazy, I’ve taken up boxing again. Different gym, partly because the one I used to go to closed down, partly because the instructors there became lazy and were shit at motivating you so I wouldn’t go back even if they were still open. It’s usually the only time I leave the house during the work week.

New gym’s great because my trainer really makes me suffer each week do more cardio, a bit of circuit, and weight training aside from just mitt work. Two months in, my endurance is still a laughing stock and I’m nowhere as strong as I’d like to be, but I’m getting there. Baby steps.

We had a bit of holiday from work late last month, so I thought I’d use the time to work on a painting to keep me on my toes because sometimes I just don’t know how to art anymore.

The great thing about not having an exhibit to prepare for, is I can take my time. The downside being, I don’t have an exhibit this year to prepare for. Cry.

Also, no deadline means I have no sense of urgency which means this piece has been “in progress” for 4 weeks now. In my defense, my trainer upped my weights to a 150% of that I was lifting before and I haven’t been able to properly move my arms since Thursday.

Anyway, work in progress shot, yay!


I’m hoping I can finish this over the weekend.

(and women!)