Gab, Currently XVI

Tindera Life:

Between the rush for preparations and my anxiety, I totally forgot to post an announcement here but I was at Komiket a few weekends ago!

Shared a table with the totally rad ICEBOX, Nagi, and Corn. Komiket was my first time peddling my wares at a con. Super tiring, but a lot of fun. Shoutout to friends who dropped by our booth and bought my prints. I’m super touched, guys. ❤

Inktober 2017:

I did a grand total of one painting for #MerMay, I figured I might as well do one for #Inktober as well.

“We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren’t able to burn.”

I still haven’t quite gotten the knack of brush pens, but they sure make a world of difference in making line art look finished haha!

Pistol Packin’ Mamas:

I’ve been working on my water colour game for a few months now, and it wasn’t til recently that I realised what I missing in terms of depth. I think I’ve gotten the basics of it down in my most recent pieces of my favourite retro gals, Peggy and Phryne. I’m excited to see where I can go from here.

This has been a really disjointed update, I’m sorry, but my brain just doesn’t seem to want to words today.


First, an announcement!

Some of my older paintings will be on exhibit at the Art Elements Asian Gallery from August 17 to September 12, 2017. The gallery is on the 3rd level of SM Aura Premiere, Bonifacio Global City. Hope you can drop by! 🙂

Now back to our not-so-regularly scheduled obligatory art dump post, with feelings:

Sometimes — just sometimes — it’s quantity over quality.

I used to hate being told to, “Just keep making stuff,” because I never wanted to start anything unless everything was just *so*. Unless I could get it perfectly on the first go. But I get it now. In my reacquaintance to fanart, I’ve also reacquainted myself with, “just making stuff.”

I’ve started sketching again whenever I found my mind too busy, or my hands too idle. Regardless of whether it was something I could get perfectly. While none of these are anything I could sell or exhibit, drawing feels more comfortable now, in a way that it hasn’t in a long time.

I’ve been beating myself up because I fucked up three pieces from the sketch to the actual painting (including the portrait of Ninth /sobs hysterically), and while I am still really mad, it’s not as hard to try again as it used to be.  So sometimes — just sometimes — it’s quantity over quality.

Bon’s Macaque Skull

Bon’s gotten his board from the shaper, which means I can finally post the deck art/logo he commissioned me for it! They just needed a soft copy, but I still rendered it on paper, with various markers and pens because I’m pants at digital drawing.


Bon was very specific with what he wanted – A macaque skull with a flower crown in a ring of traditional Filipino/Polynesian-inspired patterns, and symbols for the sun, wind, sea, and moon in black and grey. While I hate monkeys, I had a lot of fun drawing the skull, particularly the snout and teeth. So I guess monkeys aren’t all that bad, provided they’re dead and are devoid of fur, muscles, and innards hahaha! Can’t wait to see the board in person! 🙂


Moonchild still lives in my heart

I started on this Sailor Moon piece last year, but felt like I screwed it up when I started laying down my flats and abandoned it. It’s a common occurrence with me, tbh. I never really like my coloured pieces as much as I do the lineart.


When I found myself a little antsy last night, I thought I’d try to save it. If anything, I could do with working on my colour palettes and such.

“Usagi”, 6″x9″, watercolour and acrylic on paper, 2017

I might re-do this in the future. This was meant to be the first of a senshi series that I’m not sure I’m ever going to get around to. We’ll see if I can get my head out of ass and get to it. 😛

Gab, Currently: XIV


Well, this started out as a new year’s post, but I’ve once again left it in my drafts for too long and it’s pointless now. Suffice it to say, 2016 was a good year for me personally, but shit universally and 2017 doesn’t look like it’s going to be any better. I’ve mostly been retreating into figure skating and Japanese male idol pop group videos whenever I get too stressed and overwhelmed from current events.

Getting fit and shit:

At Anj’s suggestion, I started doing yoga on weekday mornings last year. I managed to get through a whole month consistently before getting derailed by long holidays in October. I’ve only started again, I’m about a week and half in but the difference it’s made in my surfing is amazing. My paddling’s still weak AF (still working on that), but my back muscles have gotten significantly stronger as I hardly felt the strain.

I often wonder why out of all the sports, I had to choose one so physically demanding when I was never in good shape, but I wouldn’t trade surfing for anything.

Art and shit:

Was commissioned by a friend to design a logo for his custom board. I’m itching to post the final design, but I’m waiting for the finished board so I can post photos of that too.

Thought I’d do one of those meet-the-artist memes that’s been going around Instagram, but realised half-way though that I just couldn’t be arsed to draw the what’s-in-my-bag part of it.


I feel like this started looking more like me than how it ended up in colour, but oh well. I wanted an excuse to use coloured pencils again; I haven’t worked with them in ages. It feels so unfinished though. I don’t know if that’s because I’ve gotten used to the cleaner look of markers, or if I’m just out of practice with pencils.

Cosplay and shit:

Our #TitasofCosplay squad is finally doing a group cosplay together this year! It’s something we’ve been planning since before last year’s APCC, but since we already had costumes for the con, we decided to move it to this year. It’ll be the first, I think, that we’re all cosplaying characters from one franchise since our Sucker Punch group in 2011. A Divisoria trip last weekend yielded most of the costume pieces so all that’s needed now are our wigs and and smaller costume details. I’m shocked at how quickly it’s all coming together and I can finally allow myself to be a little excited for it. Our target con is still half a year away, but if we finish everything early, who knows? 😎


I was really looking forward to starting on customising Nikko’s pickguard, but it took a while because it is hard af to look for proper Dia de los Muertos references. They’re usually fashion spreads, pinups, or just straight-up gimmicky. I’d done a bit of research when I designed my old sugar skull logo a few years ago, but I didn’t want to be as flippant this time time around. I wanted to be respectful of the holiday and hopefully not veer into cultural appropriation.


While I usually find the colours paint markers come in limiting, it worked to my advantage this time around, for the bright, vibrant colours typically used in the celebrations. This piece also brought me face-to-face with an old nemesis: drawing flowers. Flowers are fucking hard to draw, y’all.


Of course, I had to bring out our Saltillo blanket when it was time for photographs.


I had so much fun working on this commission, it wasn’t til my joints started popping that I realised I’d finished colouring in one sitting!

Got anything you’d like me to marker up? I’m open for commissions! Drop me comment or an email and let’s talk about. 🙂

Fins for MacAbby


Note: part of this used to be in one of my Gab Currentlies, 
but I wanted to give these projects their own post.

A quick Pinterest search for custom fins yielded far to many mandalas for my taste, so I thought I’d go more tropical island-themed for Mac and Abby’s fins. I had a lot of fun researching tropical fauna, Tikis and Polynesian textile patterns, though I ended up not using much of the textiles, sadly.

My original plan for Mac’s 2 + 1 setup was to have the Tiki look more like the traditional wood, but I had to scrap that idea. The brown wasn’t standing out enough from the dark blue . I realised too late that I could have gone with orange, instead of brown, but I like how it the white makes the statue look like it’s glowing.


It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with Abby’s sidebites. I originally had something different in mind, but the side fins didn’t really give me enough space to execute it well. Will shelve that for a future project, maybe? 😛


Will be clearcoating these tomorrow and then I can start on my last commission for the year!


This has actually been finished since Tuesday morning, but the lighting’s been terrible for photos because of the rainy weather.

I have been itching to experiment with painting on surfboards since I started surfing so I am beyond stoked that Nikko entrusted his board to me.


He wanted Medusa but with sea snakes, so y’all know I was obsessed from the get go. I’m glad we were on the same page of not wanting the design to take up the entire bottom of the board. I think surfboards look great as they are, so I prefer surfboard art that still lets details of the board come through.

I had originally thought I’d go all-out snake-mermaid, but it went in a different direction during the sketching process. I took a lot of inspiration from traditional Japanese and monster pin-up tattoos, which I think lent itself well to the limited colours I had to work with.


Which brings me to the struggle that was real: Paint markers. If we’re friends on social media, then you’ve witnessed my various meltdowns while I was experimenting and figuring out how to work with the markers. I’ve had to start over a few times, but I think it came out alright in the end. It’s the most fun I’ve had working on a piece in a long time. What I’m particularly patting myself on the back for is that I didn’t fall back on my usual crutches of repeating patterns and hair that takes up more than half the canvas. 😛



Gab, Currently XI


Finishing the mermaid piece left me on a high so I though I’d jump right into a Sailor Senshi series I’d been planning for a very long time. Unfortunately, I fucked it up when I started painting, so it’s off to the scrap pile. I did, however, manage to snap a photo of the lineart before I ruined it. IMG_3633

I’m still in mourning, but oh well, that’s life for ya.



I caved and started playing Pokemon Go, although it’s been slow going because working from home doesn’t really get me out of the house. The last time I played Pokemon was in 1999!

Unreliable data has lost me far too many pokemon. /Shakes fist at Philippine Telcos.

Cosplay Prep!

My Carol costume is 99% ready. Meaning it’s basically ready, but I will no doubt find something new to tweak right up til it’s time to leave for the con.


Bought the cloth in January, got back in touch with my usual tailor, made too many 8-point stars, but I’m pretty much ready. I can allow myself to be excited for comic con.

Hey, Sailor.

“Wouldn’t you think my collection’s complete?”


First painting of 2016, omg. I regret not using ye olde trusty techpen to line this because I just can’t get the crisp lines I want with a brush.

“Hey, Sailor.”, 2016, 13″ x 18′, Watercolour on paper.

Regardless, I’m over the moon to have finished something after so long. Watercolour and I aren’t close friends yet, but after this, we are at least on speaking terms haha!