Mini-Inktober 2018

Look at me, tryina blog again. I never really participate in Inktober because I don’t need that kind of pressure in my life. One drawing per day? For a month?? Really??? I did sort of stumble into doing a mini-digital-inktober when I drew Dream and Death. I mean, might as well draw all the siblings,Continue reading “Mini-Inktober 2018”

Gab (vs digital art), Currently XIII

I don’t think I’ve ever been this productive. But It’s easy to be able to squeeze in practice time when you don’t have to set up a bazillion things to be able to paint, in my limited workspace. I’ve wanted to try this thing where I don’t outline. I mean, I like my lines, butContinue reading “Gab (vs digital art), Currently XIII”

Nuestra Señora de Alderaan

Braved the Manila Christmas gridlock to catch a screening of Star Wars: The Last Jedi last Thursday. A year after her death, I am still mourning Carrie Fisher. There was only one way to deal with all these sads that I’ve been sitting on for over a year, of course. Why did I bother drawing her ear?Continue reading “Nuestra Señora de Alderaan”

Gab, Currently XVII

I’ve been slowly, over the course of this year, getting my feet wet in the ocean that is digital art. At work today,I coloured an illustration digitally for first time. With a mouse. The struggle is real. — Gab the bab 🍑✨ (@teluete) June 21, 2017 The catalyst being some illustrations I had toContinue reading “Gab, Currently XVII”